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Guman Thong Genuine 1st Gen
Guman Thong Genuine 1st Gen
Amulet Ref : BA20691
Monk : Luang Phor Yaem
Size : 9 inches
Temple : Wat Sam Ngam
Year : BE 2545
Price : $ 499.00
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Guman Thong Genuine 1st Gen Guman Thong Genuine 1st Gen Guman Thong Genuine 1st Gen

Guman Thong, Luang Phor Yaem. This is a genuine 1st generation Guman. When we say first generation we literally mean the very first series of Guman that he ever created. In fact one year before the official temple release and the first one after LP Tae's series 4. This particular Guman is easy to identify because the yant is inscribed with pencil whereas later editions the yant is completed with an idelible marker pen.

I have two of these both in absolutely pristine condition and are taken from my own personal collection and have been cherished and looked after for well over a decade.
This is a very valuable Guman as very few are in existance. We absolutely 100% guarantee authenticity for life. In fact we would encourage you to take this Guman to Wat Sam Ngam for re-blessing where you will also be able to authenticate it. Offered at a very special price, which by the way also includes the shipping excess due to the special care and attention needed to pack this item.
If you collect Guman this is a wonderful opportunity to acquire a guman that you would otherwise be highly unlikely to ever be able to buy.


This is a full size Guman Thong, in absolutely wonderful condition. The new temple Guman do not even start to compare with the quality of this piece, I can honestly say this is an absolute superb buy and you will not be dissapointed

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