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Guman Thong Reun Key Wua
Guman Thong Reun Key Wua
Amulet Ref : BA2692
Monk : Luang Phor Yaem
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Sam Ngam
Year : BE 2551
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Guman Thong Reun Key Wua

Guman Thong riding a Buffalo blessed by Ajahn Yaem in BE 2551, Wat Sam Ngam made from Neua Loha Samrit.

Made as a limited batch of only 199, this being Serial Number 71. Today this Guman is incredibly hard to find as most are owned by collectors who are not wiling to part with them.  Both the Buffalo and the Guman have LP Yaems sacred powders inserted.

This is a large an impressive guman  and highly recommended.



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