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Phra Khun Paen Hong Praai
Phra Khun Paen Hong Praai
Amulet Ref : BA193
Monk : Reussi Tafai
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Bankokbaibua
Year : BE 2532
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Phra Khun Paen Hong Praai Phra Khun Paen Hong Praai

Scarce and reputedly highly potent Khun Paen amulet consecrated by the great and elusive hermit known as Reussi Tafai from Wat Bankokbaibua, also known as the Arsom Hermitage (Nakhon Rachasima).

This one of his earliest batches and the full name of this pim is Khun Paen Plook Hongprai and was made specifically for opposite sex attraction. pims were made in very limited numbers and the chances of acquiring another are quite remote.

It should be obvious from the images that these are hand made amulets, not factory pressed. Note the magically aroused takrut to the reverse. This series of pims, which include two variants, were made of many auspicious materials known to be particularly efficacious, all collected and prepared personally by Reussi Taffai.

powders derived from a variety of thai plants species such as

  Ittajay powder
   Wan Sanayjun
   Kler Roi Pla
   Wan Si Tis
   Ga Fag Ruk
   Ga Fag Mayom
   Gafak Kanun

Sacred powders such as Kruchipey, Salika Ponyer, Salika Lintong, Salika Karbkhao, Na Nartong, Mae Gumnerd powder Soils from seven graveyards

from seven Jompluak (deposits left by insects that are thought to be spiritually connected to the underworld and the supernatural)

These amulets were also blessed by two very close disciples of Reussi Tafai Ajahn Dharma Yod and Luang Poo Samorn further increasing the potency amulet is supplied with a small users guide along with a very powerful katha to activate the amulet.

Each amulet is supplied with a small users guide

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