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Rien Boht Lahn LP Daeng BE 2512-13 (Blok 3)
Rien Boht Lahn LP Daeng BE 2512-13 (Blok 3)
Amulet Ref : BA2710
Monk : Luang Phor Daeng
Temple : Wat Khao Bandai-it
Year : BE 2512
Price : $ 135.00
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Rien Boht Lahn LP Daeng BE 2512-13 (Blok 3) Rien Boht Lahn LP Daeng BE 2512-13 (Blok 3)


Rien blessed by Luang Phor Daeng, Wat Khao Bandai-It in BE2512-2513.  Known as Rien Boht Lahn, showing the faces of Luang Phor Daeng and Luang Phor Charoen. This is a beautiful example in exceptional condition.

This rien was produced in three bloks,  Blok 1 (Sao Agaht), with the eyelids showing two layers, Blok 2 (Sao Agaht) eyelids with single layer, Blok 3 (Blok Boht Lahn) this is the standard blok. 


Rian Boht Lan amulets originated from an idea of Luang Phor Charoern, Abbot of Wat Tong Nopakhun, and younger brother of Luang Phor Daeng, Wat Khao Bandai-it. The amulet was given to those who had contributed in some way towards the renovation of Wat Tong Nopakhun 

These amulets are highly respected by many people, even today, because it is believed that this amulet is particularly sacred having saved countless  lives from danger and accidents, Indeed this amulet has made national headline news on many occasions.

Luang Phor Charoen

Luang Phor Charoen, younger brother of Prakru Yanvilas (Luang Phor Daeng), Wat Khao Bandai-It was born in the year B.E.2427 to a poor rural family in the province of Petchaburi. 
He lived with his parents until the age of 10 when he was sent to spend time with Luang Phor Jun, an elder brother, at Wat Kanlek in the same province.
He was provided a basic education by Luang Phor Puang,  then abbot of the temple, until the age of 13 when he returned home. 
Aged 18, during the reign of King Rama V, he became a guard at the royal  palace, resigning at the age of 22 to be ordained a monk at Wat Tong Nopakhun on June 23rd, B.E.2451. Luang Phor Plian, then abbot of Wat Khao Bandai-It acted as Pra Upacha. 

He learnt sacred sciences from Luang Phor Um, then new abbot of Wat Tong Nopakhun, until  the year B.E.2466 when unfortunately his mentor passed away.  He was appointed as the new Abbot, 

Apart from sacred sciences he also learnt Thai herbal medicinal sciences and was highly respected for his mercy and dedication in helping those most in need. 
Indeed Luang Phor Chaloen dedicated his entire life to helping people and developing the temple until he peacefully passed away in B.E.2517.

Rian Boht Lan amulets

In B.E.2512, Luang Phor Charoen had wanted to raise funds to support  renovation work at Wat Tong Nopakhun.
He discussed an idea with his brother, LP Daeng, then Abbot of Wat Khao Bandai-It, to jointly create a sacred amulet that would be donated to those who contributed in some way towards the renovation project.

Luang Phor Daeng was amenable to the request and it was agreed that a sacred rian, known as Rian Roop Sorn (later to be called Rian Boht Lan), was to be created and would feature an image of both monks to the front.

(Note: Roop Sorn lieterally means two images of the two monks)

After the Rian Boht Lan amulets had been created by Luang Phor Charoen they were sent to Wat Khao Bandai-It to be blessed by Luang Phor Daeng for a period of thirty days. 
The amulets were to be sacralised  yet again at a ceremony held at Wat Tong Nopakhun and chaired jointly by LP Daeng and LP Charoen.

During the ceremony two other sacred monks of thre era, Luang Phor Charern and Luang Phor Yerm of Wat Mai Bangjark, further blessed the amulets to ensure maximum efficacy. 

It was reported that during the ceremony to bless the amulets, many people reported to have heard sounds that suggested that the ceremony had been disrupted in  some way…. This is the reason that from that day then amulets were commonly known as Rien Boht Lan, which loosely translated means, ‘Buddhist temple rumbles loudly’ 

Amulet features double half body images of LP Daeng and his brother Luang Phor Charoen and made from Nua Thong Daeng 



Shows an image of Luang Phor Daeng and Luang Phor Chaloen. Top right hand section of amulet shows the age of Luang Phor Daeng, 92 years, Top left hand section shows the date BE 2513. Names of both monks are written below the respective images. 

Middle of the coin is the Yant, with Kom May A Ma uh. To the perimeter is engraved the typical 29 letter Kom script “Meu Ma uh, Cha ti a mung Puta Sang Me, Na Cha Li Ti, A Hei Ma Re Hei, Na Mooo Puid Ta ya, Ma A uh.


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