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Khun Paen Coyote
Khun Paen Coyote
Amulet Ref : BA2680
Monk : Luang Phor Erng
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Cherng Wai
Year : BE 2552
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Khun Paen Coyote Khun Paen Coyote

Khun Paen Coyote - IN STOCK 


An infamous amulet, well knwon throughout Thailand and highly collectible. The popular name actually derives from the pole dancers which in Thailand are known as "Coyote"

This amulet caused such an amazing amount of press coverage when it was first made, in fact it featured in almost every single national newspaper. The controversy over the design still continues today.


Back: A naked woman’s in front of Sivalung (the sacred stone, or Isuarn’s member).  Sacred Yant to both


It was made as a limited edition pim of 2,000 units and instantly became highly collectible, a little bit of amulet history, albeit for all the wrong reasons.

These amulets were immediately denounced by the public and press, because of the X-rated design. Although having said that many people believe that the amulets are highly efficacious.

These amulets were created from a sacred white powder. It has also become popular to have them hand painted such as this example. They amulets were actually blessed by Luang Phor Erng,  a senior monk, of Wat Cherng Wai, Bangkok in August, B. E.2552

Luang Phor Erng had said at a later date that he had not seen the amulets whilst he was blessing them because those responsible for the creation had packaged them in cardboard boxes.

This is the reason that although the design is non Buddhist and very controversial they are still considered sacred. A total of  2,000 amulets were created. 1,000 were donated to the temple to help with the costs of renovation


Front: Khun Paen holding Guman Thong. Two pole dancers to the side, known in Thai as Coyote, with another naked woman beneath.

The amulets unbelievably were sold out instantly. In fact such was the demand  that LP Erng went on to create a second batch with an identical front and plain back

The second-version amulets were priced  at 200 baht/each, and again sold out immediately.

An owner of a restaurant had  said that he had acquired an original   Khun Paen Coyote amulet in December BE 2552  which he had placed in a cupboard at the front of his shop. “Then I saw the changes because more customers frequented my business, in fact we were turning customers away. I was more than just surprised.”,  he said.

I find this amulet quite interesting because what may appear as a somewhat silly pim blessed by a little known monk would appreciate in percentage value more  than  any other amulet of the same year,...just goes to show you how unpredicatble the amulet market can be, and the power of the press

Just considering the maths. Assuming the original makers held 1,000 amulets at 100 Baht each, thats a potential value of 100,000 Baht. In itself that would represent quite a tidy profit on a probable production cost of 25,000 Baht.

If they had held onto the amulets, the potential value at todays prices would be an amazing 5 Million Baht....quite astounding to say the least....draw your own conclusions !!!


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