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Takrut Ajahn Chum BE 2521
Takrut Ajahn Chum BE 2521
Amulet Ref : BA3319
Monk : Ajahn Chum Chaikiri
Temple : Wat Khao Or
Year : BE 2521
Price : $ 325.00
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Takrut Ajahn Chum BE 2521

Thought by many to be the most powerful Takrut to have ever been blessed by Ajahn Chum, and known as Takrut Maha Ut Pichai Sonkram. Two varients exist, one with just a single takrut and this much rarer version with four takruts.

 These takruts were created by a number of monks from Samnak Khao Or and made from many rien blessed by Southern monks. The blessing ceremony itself was held on the 18th February BE 2521 at Wat Tam Seur, Kanchanaburi province, a famous site for many ancient amulets discovered in caves.

These takruts were donated to Thai troops during the height of the Indochinese war and are attributed by many to have saved countless lives.

Highly recommended for luck and protection,



These takrut are appropriately worn on the waist. However when you wish to realize the inherent power hold the takrut/s in between the hands which are then raised together to pay obesisance to Lord Buddha

Recite Na Moh x 3 (in full)

Close your eyes in readiness for prayer, slowly inhale recite "Phut" and then slowly exhale and recite "Tho"

After which you should think about any wishes or desires. Then pray reciting "Phakhawasukhato Arahang" many times. Without opening your eyes replace the takruts back on the waist. When complete place a closed right hand on top of your head. Think of your wishes and desires and whilst doing so place your thumb of the left hand on your navel. Inhale hold the breath  and then recite the katha SILENTLY

"Na Uh A Mi "  

Exhale and repeat this process, inhale, recite katha silently exhale three times. The takrut belt should not be removed except for sexual relations. In addition to the above should you find yourself threatened with possible danger you should think of the following katha. This is not to be recited out load

"pá-ká-waa sù-ká-dtoh a-rá-hăng "  ภะคะวา สุคะโต อะระหัง

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