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Article Date : 19 July 2011
Article Author : Chris Jones

Wat Lingkob

Wat Lingkob was assumed to be have been built by an old man known as Lung Kob (Uncle Kob), but no one knew exactly when it was built.

However as time passed people had began to mistakenly call it “Wat Lingkob” (Monkey bites something with its teeth) and as such a new name began to evolve which was then affectionally adopted.

However the temple’s official name is Wat Bowornmongkol, which was named after the official rank of HRH Prince Maha Senanuruk, appointed as Kromprarachwung Bowornstarnmongkol during the reign of King Rama II.

HRH Prince Maha Senanuruk had officially renovated and established the temple.

During the reign of King Rama IV, the King often visited the temple to pay respect to Pra Sumetmuni, who was respected by the King as his sacred teacher, therefore he also built a royal house within the temple grounds, which was called by the people as “Geng Prajom (Palace of King Prajomklao or King Rama IV)”.