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Wat Chanasongkram



Wat Chanasongkram is located on Jakapong Road, near Banglampoo Market in the centre of Bangkok. The temple was appointed as a second-class royal temple.

Wat Chanasongkram is an ancient temple built before Bangkok was established in B.E.2325.

Initially the temple was called Wat Klang-na because it was surrounded by rice fields. After it was renovated by HRH Prince Maha Surasee the name was changed to be "Wat Tongpu" after the name of another ancient temple in Ayudhaya City.

It was at that time that the Tiger General had won three major battles consecutively and before he was due to return to Bangkok stayed at the temple  where he is known to have renovated both the principle Buddha Image. The temple was incidentally later renamed by King Rama I the Great as "Wat Chanasongkram", meaning “Temple of Victory”.


(Because of the history of this temple and its association with HRH Prince Maha Surasee many people visit there to pay homage to the Chairman Buddha Image as they believe in doing so will help them conquer their own enemies and troubles.)

During the reign of King Rama II, a royal building was also built within the temple grounds but later destroyed by bombs during the great East Asia War.

Until the reign of King Rama IV, monk houses were built in place of the destroyed building and were completed in B.E.2396.

During the reign of King Rama VII, the ash of five princes was placed in the wall behind the Chairman Buddha Image.

In B.E.2493 - B.E.2506, HM the King Rama IX the Great had renovated the temple, monk houses, chedi, road, etc