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Article Date : 23 February 2012
Article Author : Chris Jones

LP Thongdam - 1st Generation Khun Paen

The Reverend Father Thongdam (Luang Por Thongdam) of Tham Tapianthong Temple

Khun Paen Chaosap Chaosaneh (Khun paen Amulet for wealth and charm) covered by silver plate and with two amulets of rolled brass.

The amulet was consecrated by Luang Phor Thongdam and is made from sacred powder derived for a Thai herb known as "Nang Paya Ngew Dam'' It was made specifically for success, wealth and attractiveness.

Luang Por Thongdam Inthawangso of Tham Tapianthong Temple revealed the legend of this Khun Paen amulet known as "Chao Sap/ Chao Saneh'' (Great wealth/ Great charm). It is the very first creation of Luang Phor Thongdam Inthawangso, the master of Sunflower Field. He made this amulet by himself mixing the powder in a mould and pressing one by one.

Angels, Khun Paen's spirit and Goddess Tapianthong were invited to witness his sacred ceremony. You will be truly amazed to learn that the main constituent of this amulet, Nang Paya Ngew Dam herb was collected over a 30 year period. Not only that he meditated every year for that period to make these herbs truly sacred and create an immensely powerful amulet.

He also used the following sacred additions to his creation:

Great charm herbs named Devadaluemton (Unconscious Angel)
Nang Ok Taek (Broken hearted woman)
Paya Jaochoo (Flirting man)
Sethichusap (Wealthy millionaire)
Mai Yaeyae Herb

Over 100 species of other great herbs mixed with herbal oil made sacred by Luang Phor for years.

He fixed the date of the consecration which was conducted in a ceremonial cave in Tapianthong where he pressed the mixed powder from the mould. Not many amulets could be produced in one day and the whole process of creating 270 individual amulets took about 7 Saturdays and 9 Tuesdays to complete.

Later, Luang Phor Thongdam inscribed each amulet individually with a magic drawing whilst chanting a sacred Khmer incantation for wealth. All the amulets were brought back to the temple and placed in front of the principal Buddha image to invite his Lords grace, his teaching, and Buddhist monks to possess the amulets.

He told his disciples that

"I made them by myself. All herbs are pounded by monks and novices. I pressed the mixed powder from the mould with my hands. I made it to the best of my ability and have named it "Chaosap Chaosaneh'' (Great Wealth Great Charm). It means fertile wealth and fortune, full of mercy and charm that will bring about success in anything you choose to do.''

The front of Khun Paen Amulets is covered with 100% silver plate. On the reverse, there are two further amulets of rolled brass (the first one is inscribed with an incantation for wealth, so you will be always wealthy, and the second one is inscribed with Khun Paen incantation, so you will be charming and attractive to the opposite sex). In addition each amulet has three gems embedded along with the hair of Luang Phor Thongdam.

There are only 270 pieces in the world. The amulet will be supplied with a custom made stainless steel case and the original katha as supplied by the temple.