Article Wat Tano
Article Date : 09 July 2011
Article Author : Chris Jones


Wat Tano

Located at 18 Moo 8,Bangwak Sub-district, Pasicharoen District, Bangkok The temple has 2 rai of land and also has other 3 deeds of 18 rai of land.

The temple was built in B.E.2453 but there are no specific records who donated the land  or indeed the builder of this temple. At first all of the temple’s buildings were made of wood but later it was renovated and many buildings were then constructed from concrete

The temple was legally approved and became a juristic person according to Thai law in the same year, B.E.2453.

The main building was constructed in B.E.2453, and is 4-meter wide and 17-meter long. Apart from the temple there are also three other monk houses, a preaching tower and a big hall for general Buddhist ceremonies.

Names of all abbots


Luang Por Yod, or officially called Pra Atikarn Yod
Luang Por Choti, or officially called Pra Atikarn Choti
Prakru Supatara Khun



Background of Prakru Supatara Khun

Prakru Supatara Khun, the present abbot of Wat Tano, was born in Bangwak Sub-district, Pasi Charoen District, Bangkok. He was ordained at the age of  20  and appointed as the abbot in B.E.2501.Now he’s 72 years old and has served Buddhism for around 51 years.

Nowadays the temple has 29 monks and 1 novice who  reside at the temple