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Article Date : 01 September 2012
Article Author : Chris Jones

Phra Kru Wat Tam Seua Suphanburi


A Typical example of this ancient amulet known as Phra Tam Seua, thought to have been created in the Davaravati period some 1,000 years ago. Most of these pims were discovered in caves, including this example.


These amulets were first discovered at Tam Seua cave on the premises of Wat Tamtong, Suphanburi. It is believed to have once been a sacred place where senior monks and ascetics would visit to practice magic sciences almost a thousand years ago.

The amulets were removed from the cell and after careful study more than 40 different styles or pims were identified. The temple made a decision to auction these votive tablets to help fund the renovation of the temple which commenced in BE 2542

It should come as no surprise that this ancient treasure trove was sold almost immediately, and the renovation of the temple was completed soon after. These amulets are highly sought after by collectors from around the world and are thought to be powerful talismans for protection