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Luang Phor Taap / Luang Phor Tim


Quite extraordinarily inconspicuous amulets would be the best way in which I could describe these extra special pims.

Once again, an amulet that has some association with Luang Phor Tim and his sacred powders.

Luang Phor Taap, or Prakru Attakosol, was born in Rayong Province in B.E.2420 to the family of Mr.Uen Petnakorn and Mrs.Chim Petnakorn.

He enrolled in the military until the age of 24 when he turned to the Buddhist faith, and was ordained a monk by Prakru Samut Samarnkun, former abbot of Wat Parpradoo, Luang Phor Mark of Wat Natakwun, Luang Phor Ruam of Wat Banrang, who acted as Pra Upacha, Pra Karmavacharcharn, and Pra Anusavanacharn respectively. 

Apart from Dharma, Luang Phor Taab studied sacred sciences under Prakru Samut Samarnkun, who himself was very famous for his sacred charming sciences and also highly respected by the locals of Rayong Province. 

Five years after his ordination ceremony he travelled into the deep forests to practice higjher level meditation and it was here that he was to meet Luang Phor Tim of Wat Laharnrai, another famous monk of Rayong Province. They became close friends. 


It was recorded that Luang Phor Tim had said that a soldier was laughed at by his friends because they thought that he would never be able to win the heart of an attractive women due to his appearance. The soldier surprised all his peers bt courting the most beautiful women in the locality. Luang Phor Tim said that he had visited LP Kart another famous monk, known for his effective charm amulets.

It is known that both Luang Phor Tim and Luang Phor Taap spent time with Luang Phor Kart to study this science, and both went on to create Pha Yant for this very purpose..

Sacred Amulets and his relationship with Luang Phor Tim

Because of their close friendship Luang Phor Tim helped bless a number of amulets created by Luang Phor Taap, the Somdej  known as Phra Somdej Ok Rong Pim Yai Neua Pong Bailarn Pasom See Peung Kieow, and the Khun paen are bty far tye most popular, both being blessed by Luang Phor Taap  in BE 2505.

It is unusual that a Somdej amulet to be classified as a Love Amulet and as such is ideal for someone that would prefer to be somewhat more discreet.

Many 'Love Amulets'  have been created by Luang Phor Taap, all of which are considered some of the most powerful ever blessed. Certainly far more effective than any contemporary creation.



Ajahn Bpatom Aat Sakon was appointed consultant to help produce the powders for the amulet.

What also makes these amulets interesting is that they were also blessed by Luang Phor Tim of Wat Lahanrai, another famous monk who has created some of the greatest ''Love Amulets''. He presided over the main ceremony.

Amulets are thought to be amongst the most powerful amulets for love, charm and fortune, containing many sacred powders including:

1.     Auspicious old powders collected by Luang Phor Taap during his lifetime

2.     Sacred powders donated by Luang Phor Tim

2.     Phong Pot Mang and Phong Itijay, donated by Ajahn Bpatom Aat Sakon

3.     Old Bailarn powder from LP Taap

4.     Sacred powders donated by LP Bunmee Wat Pan Sampan Chonburi

5.     Auspicious soils collected by LP Taap

6.     Pasom See Peung Kieow (Charming Wax)

1st Blessing Ceremony

Luang Phor Taap blessed on Khao Phansa day

2nd Blessing Ceremony


Blessed at Wat Krabok by many famous monks of that era

Luang Phor Tim, Wat Lahnarai presided over the second blessing ceremony held at Wat Krabok. Amongst those present were many senior monks of the era including:

LP Tim, Wat Lahanrai

LP Hom, Wat SaakMaak

LP Yen Wat Bahnlaeng

LP Lat Wat Nong Grabok

LP Taap, Wat Nong Grabok

All remained in deep meditation from 6.00 pm until 2.00 am the following morning. Luang Phor Tim went on to bless these amulets by himself for a following 8 hours without a break, pouring ceremonial water over the amulets whilst reciting incantations to further increase the efficacy.

It is thought that Pasom See Peung Kieow or Green Charming Wax, for which LP Taap is most famous, and

also a major constituent of this amulet, provides the extreme power for which this pim is noted. 

To give you some perspective on the value of this wax, I recently noted an auction for a small quantity enclosed in a gold locket, the price was over 150,000 Thai Baht.

His sacred charming wax, was not just given to anyone. Devotees had to spend many nights at the temple just to obtain a small quantity, which was often hung around the neck prior to meeting a lover.