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Article Date : 18 December 2011
Article Author : Chris Jones

Phra Somdej Amulets - Luang Phor Tim, Wat Lahanrai

Be careful about the advice you take

I received an order for a Luang Phor Tim (Wat Lahanrai) Somdet amulet last week. 24 hours later the customer cancelled the order and also agreed to a small financial penalty.

I asked why he cancelled, and I was was not in the slightest surprised at the answer.

As an active member of a well known amulet forum he chose to cancel on the advice of his peers who did not recognize the amulet as being blessed by Luang Phor Tim and furthermore there were even those that had  foolishly proclaimed provenance dubious on the basis that it was not featured in any LP Tim book.

A good example of how guess work quickly replaces real knowledge, fairly typical I am afarid of almost all non Thai amulet forums. Essentially a knee jerk reaction, something that I have experienced on many occasions and in particular where access to information and facts are severly limited, an inevitable consequence of the Thai language barrier.

It has and always will be my opinion that unless these forums are managed by Thai literate individuals wiith a considerable background knowledge in amulets they will never amount to anything more than a venue through which amulets can be traded. They certainly do not provide much in the way of educational material and more often than not the opinion based content is mis-guiding and inaccurate.




Not only did the client make a financial loss  he also lost the opportunity to acquire a top quality amulet and furthermore learn something.

The Somdej amulet in question was blessed at Wat Bowin by Luang Phor Tim. It was not until after the cancellation that I learnt the real reason

In the first instance the advice originated from individuals who were attemptring to use reference books about LP Tim, Wat Lahanrai. Unfortunately these books will not show Wat Bowin amulets or indeed the majortity of other amulets blessed by Luang Phor Tim outside of Wat Lahanrai.  You need to refer to a reference source about Wat Bowin and I can only assume that lack of experience was the cause of this most basic error.

Even having shown a typical reference book to the client he further suggested that the Certificate of Authenticity may not be entirely genuine. Another widespread mis-conception about certificates originating once again from the very same forums, all due to a lack of understanding about the authentication process and the players in the market but that is another story for anther day.


Samkom Show Certificate 1st Place, One of the worlds most respected societies

I did show the client a Somdej blessed by Luang Phor Tim from my own collection that is complete with a first place show certificate from Samakom,a certificate of authenticity from G-Pra and the illustrations from the hard back book.  Short of being told by Luang Phor Tim himself this is overwhelmingly conclusive evidence and the client began to understand his mistake.

But this is not the reason that I was prompted to write this article. There was a more important consideration and in particular alternative sources of high quality Luang Phor Tim amulets that can be acquired at a fraction of the cost you would typically expect to pay.  

The simple fact is that the majority of  Luang Phor Tim‘s amulets were blessed at temples other than Wat Lahanrai and few are featured in books about the temple. This fact I think is little known by the average collector and was clearly a contributory factor in my clients confusion and his implanted impression that I had concocted the whole account.  I can assure you I have much better things to do with my life than make a fool of myself by writing fictitious history.


A good hardback reference book detailing the LP Tim, Wat Bowin amulets

By way of example I would like to show you some Luang Phor Tim Somdej amulets, none of which were blessed at Wat Lahanrai, and none of which appear in any textbooks about Wat Lahanrai. Some of these pims may be known to you but I am almost certain that many will not.


Phra Somdej Amulets - Luang Phor Tim, Wat Lahanrai
Be careful about the advice you take


Phra Somdej - Wat Hua Ta Non

Phra Somdej Wat Hua Ta Non blessed by Luang Phor Tim, Luang Phor Dtiw and other Kejis from Eastern Thailand including

LP Kram Wat Wantg Wa, Luang Phor Kong, Wat Wang Sapparot, Luang Phor Bpee, Wat Laan Hoi, Luang phor Mon Wat Nerntamak, Luang Phor Ia, Wat Baan Dan

Phra Somdej Pim Pra Prathan Lang Yant Ha - Wat Nong Ka Nam
Phra Somdej Luang Phor Tm, Pim Pra Prathan Lang Yant Ha. This one we can highly recommend. It is as good as any other Luang Phor Tim Somdej oir in fcat any other LP Tiom pim at a fraction of the cost. Most experts believe that this pim in particular is imbued with EXTREME sacerd power.

Blessed at Wat Nong Ka Nam, Chonburi in BE 2516. The amulet is made up of many sacred powders but in particular Luang phor Tim's Pong Plaai Guman and Pong Wisayt. These powders were collected by Luang Dtaa Baang, the abbot of the temple. He was joined in BE 2515-16 by Luang Phor Tim to co-bless the amulets.

The sacred powders are believed to provide the worshipper with multiple blessings. For example the Pong Mang offers the power (aanupaap) of Kong Grapan Chadtree or invulnerability through invisibilty (gambang gaai) to our enemies, Pong Maharaat for charm (Sanay), Pong Putakun for protection against black magic (ku na sai), Pong Dtree enhances the power of the amulet significantly (Aanupaap Saksit) and also makes us more perceptive to telepathy (Gra Sae-Jit) T%his amulet is known as the ''dream maker'' as it is reportedly makes wishes a reality. Pong It-ti-jay for Compassion and mercy (Mayt Dtaa).

It is also widely reported that if a girl consumes even the smallest quantity of powder from this amulet she will fall in love, her every thought of you. However be warned LP Tim it is said also cast a hex for those who use such power inappropriately. This was reported in the Kormoon Jak journal (issue 93) by Khun Pianwít Jaarútti-Dti.

Luang Dtaa Baang consulted with Luang Phor Tim about the creation of these amulets from copnception and the very reason that he was able to obtain such large quantities of sacred powder from Wat Lahanrai. In fact once the amulets were finished Lunag Phor Tim blessed them day and night on his own for three consecutive months. Essentially as these contain KP Tims powders, made under guidance from LP Tim and then blessed by Luang Phor Tim at Wat Lahanrai for an extended periopd, they are for all intensive purposes, Luang Phor Tim, Wat Lahanrai pims


Phra Somdej Amulets - Luang Phor Tim, Wat Lahanrai
Be careful about the advice you take

Phra Somdej Luang Phor Tim, Wat Gut Ngong, Chonburi
This is yet another pim that we can highly recommend. It was made in quite a limited numbers and as such often hard to find, but worth the effort and affordable.

Because of his reputation many other temples had asked Luang Phor Tim to help create various series of sacred amulets,
including this highly popular amulet which was actually made at Wat Lahanrai before being released from Wat GutNgong, Chonburi.

Mr.Chinporn Suksatit, a close disciple of Luang Phor Tim confirmed that these amulets were equally as sacred as any other amulet blessed by Luang Phor Tim. Other amulets in this series include the nangkwak and a unique pitda amulet which also  included powders from Luang Phor Jean, Wat Talard,  Chachoengsao Province.

Amulet is made from the same sacred powders used to create the Wat Lahanrai verison Somdej during the same year in BE 2517. It contains for example Pong Plaai Guman for which he is well known.  The actual methods used to create this powder followed very ancient ways, which only a few monks had the knowledge to create successfully.

Interestingly after these amulets were created they were returned to the temple a few months after October 16th BE 2518 as Lunag Phor Tim had passed away. The temple had mis understood the amulets believing that they had not been blessed as some of the pims had the date stamp 2519, this being the date they were due to be released. In actual fact LP tim had blessed these amulets for several months. Final;ly a ceremony was arranged in BE 2518 when the pims were given away to worshippers.

There is also a Pim Kanaen variant which is identical but smaller , ideal for women.
Phra Somdej Luang Phor Tim, Wat Pailom, Rayong
So popular is this series of amulets that there are many books just dedicated to these pims. The amulets were released from Wat Pailom, Rayong with the blessing ceremony being held on the 22nd August BE 2513 and attended by nine well known monks of that era. Luang Phor Tim was master of the ceremony.

These amulets were made to gain much needed funds to support the renovation of Wat Pailom, Barnkai, Rayong. It was in B.E.2512 Phra Ajahn Poon decided to create the sacred series of Sao Ha amulets and announced his intentions to the public.

Phra Ajahn Poon wanted the amulets to be as sacred as possible, and his endeavour's were supported by many temples throughout Thailand, which donated sacred powders. He also approached Luang Phor Tim who agreed to chant the amulets for nine consecutive days.

Phra Ajahn Poon said during that time Luang Poo Tim was not as famous as he is now, but he realized that he possessed strong scared power, and it was for this reason that he asked for assistance. Many different pims were created and although the Somdej is not the most attractive it is by far the most impressive being a Jumbo pim.



Phra Somdej Luang Phor Tim, Wat Bowin 
Illustrated below is pim Phra Somdej 7 chan, probabaly one of the rarest of all the Wat Bowin Somdej amulets. Not only thbat it is a beautioful example as evidenced by its 1st place Samakom Show certificate. LP Tim, Wat Lahanrai, created these amulets as a gift to HM the King, who then later gave the amulets to Thai troops to protect them for danger.

The amulets were created with the help of his very close and dedicated disciple Khun Manoch Laokwunsatit, (Note: Khun Manoch was dedicated disciple that cared for LP Tim up until his very last breath during serious illness in hospital.)

It was to this disciple that LP Tim bequeathed his pillow. According to Thai belief the pillow which supports the neck during sleep is inherently linked to an individuals destiny and fate, and thought particularly auspicious if gifted by a monk, turning bad luck into fortune.

This series of LP Tim amulets were released under the name of Wat Bowin, one of many temples other than Wat Lahanrai that have in some way been closely associated with LP Tim
Experienced collectors will tell you that these are some of the fastest appreciating amulets in the market. Amulets from Wat Lahanrai itself are trading hands at prices that verge on the ridiculous.  These and many other similar batches are equally as sacred and blessed by the same monk are far better value for money. Although these amulets were created well over 30 years ago they are thought imbued with an immense sacred power.

Worshippers have not only reported the protective power of these amulets but many have claimed that they sense an invisible force or power penetrating the body on close contact. Wear these amulets and you will undoubtedly experience a similar sensation. I certainly do. The amulets are composed entirely of sacred components of LP Tim, making them genuine pims in every sense of the word.

LP Tim’sd hairs
LP Tims robes
LP Tims Pong Praai Guman, his most sacred powder.
Luang Phor Tim blessed these amulets continuously for a period of nine months. Monks that were also involved in the final sanctification of these pims include:

Luang Poo Toh of Wat Pradoochimplee
Luang Poo Tim of Wat LahanRai
Luang Poo Sarm of Wat Par Trivivek
Luang Poo Khao of Wat Tumklongpel
Pra Ajahn Wan of Wat Tum Apaidumrongdharma
Luang Poo Dul of Wat Buraparam
Luang Poo Wan of Wat Doi Mae Ping
Phra Somdej Luang Phor Tim, Wat Grabok

 These somdej amulets blessed by Luiang Phor Tim are better known as one of the most powerful ''Love Amulets'' ever created. It is unusal for a Somdej to be classified as such but ideal for someone that would prefer to be somewhat more discreet.

Luang phot Tin had once said that a soldier was laughed at by his friends because they thought that he would never be able to win the heart of an attractive women due to his appearance. The soldier surprised all his peers by courting the most beautiful women in the locality. Luang Phor Tim said that he had visited LP Kart another famous monk, known for his effective charm amulets.

Many 'Love Amulets' have been created by Luang Phor Taap, all of which are considered some of the most powerful ever blessed. Certainly far more effective than any contemporary creation.

It is known that both Luang Phor Tim and Luang Phor Taap, Abbot of Wat Grabok spent time with Luang Phor Kart to study this science. Because of their close friendship Luang Phor Tim helped bless a number of amulets created by Luang Phor Taap and this Somdej known as Phra Somdej Ok Rong Pim Yai Neua Pong Bailarn Pasom See Peung Kieow is a prime example

Amulets are thought to be amongst the most powerful amulets for love, charm and fortune, containing many sacred powders including:

1. Auspicious old powders collected by Luang Phor Taap during his lifetime
2. Sacred powders donated by Luang Phor Tim
3. Phong Pot Mang and Phong Itijay, donated by Ajahn Bpatom Aat Sakon
4. Old Bailarn powder from LP Taap
5. Sacred powders donated by LP Bunmee Wat Pan Sampan Chonburi
6. Auspicious soils collected by LP Taap
7. Pasom See Peung Kieow (Charming Wax)

1st Blessing Ceremony
Luang Phor Taap blessed on Khao Phansa day

2nd Blessing Ceremony
Blessed at Wat Krabok by many famous monks of that era

Luang Phor Tim, Wat Lahnarai presided over the second blessing ceremony held at Wat Krabok. Amongst those present were many senior monks of the era including:

LP Tim, Wat Lahanrai
LP Hom, Wat SaakMaak
LP Yen Wat Bahnlaeng
LP Lat Wat Nong Grabok
LP Taap, Wat Nong Grabok

All remained in deep meditation from 6.00 pm until 2.00 am the following morning. Luang Phor Tim went on to bless these amulets by himself for a following 8 hours without a break, pouring ceremonial water over the amulets whilst reciting incantations to further increase the efficacy.

To give you some perspective on the value of this wax, I recently noted an auction for a small quantity enclosed in a gold locket, the price was over 150,000 Thai Baht. His sacred charming wax, was not just given to anyone. Devotees had to spend many nights at the temple just to obtain a small quantity, which was often hung around the neck prior to meeting a lover.

It is thought that Pasom See Peung Kieow or Green Charming Wax, for which LP Taap is most famous, and also a major constituent of this amulet, provides the extreme power for which this pim is noted.