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Article Date : 02 July 2012
Article Author : Chris Jones

Luang Phor Sanit - Wat Lam Bua Loy, Prachinburui


Brief Background

Luang Poo Sanit was born on April 28th, B.E.2468 in Prachinburi Province as Sanit Mipong.

Aged 23 he was ordained as a monk and frequentlt travelled into the forests to learn sacred sciences and practice meditation. he became particularly specialized in sacred sciences  to control black magic and sacred mouth magic.

He was frequently requested to help those who had been afflicted by such curses.

Luang Poo Sanit passed away on March14th , B.E.2542, then aged 74 years and having served the Buddhist faith for 51 years.

Palad Khik


Luang Poo Sanit, the sacred monk of Wat Bua Loy, was famous for his Palad Khik Sorn Narai, respected for the sacred power to help increase worshippers’ charm and good fortune

He began creating amulets about the year B.E.2510 and by BE 2530 he had gained considerable notoriety. Luang Poo Sanit learnt the science to create Palad Khik from two other great monks, who you may not be surprised to learn were Luang Phor Leua and Luang or Ie.

He was not satisfied with his original Palad Khik and modified them over a period of time before finally creating his best known Palad Khik known as Sorn Nari in BE 2518.

These Palad khik were created in their entirety by Luang Phor Sanit himself,

1. Collecting the wood from the Makam tree and ion particular only those branches that were dead through lightening strike. Maakam was selected in particular as it is believed to increase charm

2. Shaping the wood to form the Palad Khik with no help from other monks or novices. Essentially he created two versions, Pim Sorn Yai or Maha Parp and Sorn Lek or Maha Ra-Ngup.

3. Carved his sacred spell into the side of each.

Chaiya Haridevung, Ukkit Takut and U I A

At a later date Luang Phor Sanit also started to use Mai Koon tree wood believed to be auspicious for better fortune.


How to use his Palad Khik

1. Worshippers must point the amulets to a certain parts of their bodies such as forehead, arms, breasts, etc, and recite the sacred spell called Huajai Ongkuliman.
2. Immerse the amulet into water and recite sacred spell and clean thei face with the water to rid te body of evil or black magic.

3. Hang the amulet on the body or keep in a pocket where you go