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Article Date : 27 January 2012
Article Author : Chris Jones

Luang Phor Parn - Sacred Tiger Teeth Amulets


The  tiger has a profound spiritual, cultural, and ecological significance throughout most of Asia, a symbol of strength and power.

Teeth from the tiger are often used to create amulets, which are said to imbue the owner with many of the renowned characteristics of this fearless beast.


                   One of the most famous of all monks to have blessed such amulets was Luang Phor Parn of Wat Bang Hia. Over a century ago his tiger teeth amulets were unquestionably some of the most expensive that you could buy at 6 Baht each. That was a time when land was only 1 Baht per rai.

Most people mistakenly believe that tiger teeth amulets are made exclusively from tiger canines, when in fact the majority are made from bear and wild pig teeth.

The ultimate tooth originated from the Thai tiger or Seua Kong, a larger animal than its Asian counterparts.

Most of Luang Phor Parn’s tiger-teeth amulets were bigger than those created by other monks using only pristine teeth to create his amulets.

Moreover the surface of each tiger tooth feature an image of a tiger Whilst a scasred cloth yant was inserted in the base. The cloth contained the spell Yant Gor-ya”.

It is said that King Rama V the Great, one of the Thai Kingdom’s most beloved monarchs had met Luang Phor Parn on a state visit to Samut Prakarn province a meeting which he recorded in writing. He also noted the price and the large number of visitors who were interested in his amulets 

The King had also written in his journal that the 70 year old monk appeared surprisingly strong and healthy for his age

Luang Por Parn’s tiger teeth amulets were highly respected for the sacred power to help protect worshippers from danger, weapons and enemies, etc.

Moreover they were also thought to increase a worshippers’ reputation and power thereby bringing respect.

Worshippers were recommended to always hang Luang Phor Parn’s tiger-teeth amulets before venturing outside of the home, paying respect before they left


Luang Phor Parn had engraved many kinds of sacred spell on his amulets to increase their sacred power including the spells/kathas such as Tri Nisinghay, Gor Yar, Luesi Lerng Ler, Napatamung.

Moreover he also recited other spells during the creation including the sacred power spell “Na”, and a spell to protect worshippers from dangers.

Luang Phor Parn was born in B.E.2368, Klongdan District, Samut Prakarn during the reign of King Rama III passing away on August 29, B.E.2453, then aged 98 years.

His funeral received royal support from King Rama VI, son of King Rama V, which was organized at Wat Bang Hia (Wat Mongkolkotawa) on April 7th, B.E.2454.