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Article Date : 23 March 2012
Article Author : Chris Jones

Luang Phor Daeng - Wat Parinayok 


These Luang Phor Daeng amulets consist of a set of five pims, namely:

1. Phra Somdej Setangkamuni
Face of amulet depicts an important principal Buddha image cast during the reign of King Rama III at Wat Suthat, Located in the Sala Kan Parian

Phra Ruang 

 Face of amulet depicts Phra Banghamyad standing on a lotus leaf, and his right hand raised. The reverse features Yant Maha Ut, with Kom script (akara) 'suk' meaning, from the heart.

Phra Roop Meun LP Daeng

4. Phra Pitda

Amulets were blessed by Luang Phor Daeng in BE 2515 and created  using his sacred powder, Nua Pong Kesorn, Nua Pong Bailarn, Chan Mahk, and mixed with powders from ground amulets of Wat Bangkhunprom and Wat Rakhang.

These amulets were blessed at Wat Khao Bandai-It for three months prior to being blessed for a second time at Wat Parinayok Amulet was released from Wat Thepthidaram, Bangkok to help Chao Khun Sunthorn, his nephew, raise funds for renovation work.

Many highly respected keji were present at the blsssing ceremony including amonst others, Phra Raj Panyasopon Wat Rajnaddaram, Phra Wisotinayok Wat Pirinayok, Phra Yanphoti Wat Suthat, Phra Kru Siriworakhun Wat Phra Yasiri I-Sawan, Phra Kru Nimit Sirakun, Wat Mai Thepnimitr, Phra Kru Pitak Viharnkij, Wat Rajnaddaram, LP.Charoen, Wat Thongnoppakhun Phetchaburi and LP.Mi Wat Phra Singh Bangkok.

The actual blessing consisted of nine monks who sat in an outer circle and 4 monks within an inner circle. Within the inner circle present were, Phra Raj Ratanameti Wat Mahathat, Phra Amorn Metjahn Wat Mahathat, Phra Piyasutee Wat Mahathat, Pha Sutitammajahn Wat Mahathat.

Amulets are worth collecting but are not as valuable as other LP Daeng pims and typically you would expect to pay about 50.00 - 100.00 USD for a mint condition example and a few hundred with certificate.