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Article Date : 17 October 2012
Article Author : Chris jones

Luang Phor Ngern BE 2528 

 Whilst many series of Luang Phor Ngern amulets are priced more than 1,000,000 baht/each, the  B.E.2528 pims are considerably less expensive yet considered equally as powerful.

Indeed these amulets gained the name Bpern Dtak or Broken gun after the power of the amulets was tested with a handgun which on the day of the trial refused to discharge any ammunition.

LP Ngern B.E.2528

The BE 2528 batch of Luang Phor Ngern (Bpern Dtaek) amulets are considered amongst the most famous of all LP Ngern batches along with the BE 2515 batch.

Today they are immensely popular in Thailand not only because they represent excellent value for money but also because they are thought highly efficacious having been blessed by some very  prominent monks, including Luang Phor Cheua.


Luang Phor Cheua Chantagoh officially named Phra Kru Visuthiranyapong, was born on February 4th, B.E.2472 during the reign of King Rama VII.

  He became a student of  Luang Phor Jae, Abbot of  Wat North Bang Klan temple, and close friend of Luang Phor Ngern. Wat North Bang Klan was the residence of Luang Phor Ngern before he moved to Wat Bang Klan. Indeed they were together for almost three years.

Luang Phor Jae was considered one of the very best Keji Ajahns to have created small Buddha images possessing  a true and precise knowledge of the aakom or magic required to mix together all the constituents that were required to create Neua Loha or the sacred alloy. This is more than just an understanding of the components but a deep knowledge of Katha Aakom and a considerable Pralangjit or mental power.

In fact Luang Phor Jae was considered to be a pra aranwaasee having originated from a secretive sect of jungle monks who studied deep meditation and mental power and control. He was the monk that created the small Buddha image made from Neua Loha which covered a base of clay.

In fact it is recorded that he would create the small buddha images whilst Luang Phor Ngern took the responsibility of blessing them.

In the year BE 2528 Luang Phor Cheua from Wat South Bang Klan agreed to create a new series of  Lunag Phor Ngern pims.

He collected a large amount of sacred materials from Wat Prasart, located 300 metres from Wat Kong Karam, and in particular ancient amulets which he combined  with amulets originally created by Luang Phor Ngern, such as Pim Niyom, Pim Keedta and Pim Job

 It is said that a number of strange occurrences were associated with the production of these new pims.

According to literature the base materials could not be moved to the position of the moulds and a prayer to Luang Phor Ngern was required before they could be moved.

In addition although the furnaces were heated to excess of 1000 degrees centigrade much of the material would not smelt until another prayer to Luang Phor Ngern resolved the problem Many associate this particular event to the power of the original LP Ngern amulets which were a component part.

This series of amulets was created to raise funds towards the repair of the Temple and the following sacred pims were created:

Pim Niyom Siantoe
Pim Sian Lek
Pim Tok Saokem(given only to the  temple’s committee)
Pim Keedta
Pim Jak Mae Krua(given only to temple staff)
Pim Lianbab Roon Trimas (given only to temple committee)
Pim Niyom Lek
Pim Niyom Tabaikang
Pim Kita Tabaikang
Pim Niyom Sanimdum Yai
Pim Niyom Sanimdum Lek

The amulets were sacralized  at a ceremony held in November B.E.2528, and was attended by many well known monks including:

Luang Phor Pol
Luang Phor Sa-ngiam
Luang Phor Ruay
Luang Phor Perng
Luang Phor Chalerm
Luang Phor Saneh

In addition a number of smaller ceremonies were held at other temples in the region such as Wat Nonta-ngoo, Wat Luang Phor Chinrach, Wat NangPhaya and Wat Bangklan North