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Article Date : 14 March 2012
Article Author : Chris Jones

Luk Om Amulets - A brief Introduction

Luk-om are an ancient form of amulet usually associated with warfare. These amulets as the name Luk Om (candy) suggests were placed in the mouth as a form of protection during battle.

In general Luk-om amulets are made from a number of common components, typically these are:

-Sacred powders that were created with various kathas such as  Patamung, Ittijay, etc.
-Sacred Thai plants, herbs and sedges, such as those blessed by Luang Phor Ding of Wat Bang Wua.
-Soils, typically collected from various sacred sacred locations such as temples or graveyards etc.
-Sacred metals, such as Mekasit, Mekaput, lead and other kinds of mixed metals. Where metals are used these would normally be smelted and added to the sacred powders before the Luk Om was created.
-Neua Chan Mak, a species of  Thai fruit, chewed by monks whilst reciting various kathas and spells before spitting the mixture out. A good example are Luk Om created by Luang Phor Suk or Luang Phor Tong of Wat Rachyota.
-Melted Candle wax and hair, as typically seen with Luk Om created by Luang Phor Tim, Wat Lahanrai

Many monks have created Luk-om amulets but some are particularily sought after

Luang Phor Parn of Wat Bang Nomko
Luang Phor Ding of Wat Bangwua
Luang Phor Pring of Wat Bangpakok
Luang Phor Boon of Wat Klangbangkaew
Luang Phor Kong of Wat Bangkaprom
Luang Poo Suk of Wat Makhamtao
Luang Poo Tong of Wat RachYota