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Article Date : 23 May 2012
Article Author : Chris Jones

Luk Om Pong Prai Guman Luang Phor Tim - Kru Wat Sam Nak Kham
Some of the best Luk Om you can buy

On the 5th April BE 2555 The Thai government's public relations department reported news of  the discovery of a Kru at Wat Sam Nak Kam that contained Luk Om amulets blessed by Luang Phor Tim, Wat Lahanrai, Rayong.


Furthermore it was announced that these amulets had been approved for for sale to the general public as a means by which to raise funds for the renovation of the temple

That good news was tempered after a considerable number of people having travelled to the temple were told that the amulets had mysteriously disappeared.

The abbot reported this as theft to the police who after a brief investigation discovered that the entire hoard had been stolen by a junior monk who had secreted the amulets in his room.

The monk was arrested and furthermore expelled from the monastic order.


One of the most important and obvious questions being asked at that time was how and why were these two temples connected? Why would a  Kru containing Luang Phor Tim's amulets be located at this temple in Chonburi province.

A look at some well documented temple history reveals some clear and precise answers.

In fact Luang Phor Tim and Luang Phor Tiang, then Abbot of Wat Sam Nak Kam were in fact very close friends. It is said that Luang Phor Tiang had respected Luang Phor Tim as an elder brother and had often co-operated on the creation of various sacred amulets.

Luang Phor Hiang, district head monk of Banbuang , Chonburi province recounted that Luaang Phor Tiang was himself highly specialized in herba medicines and ancient thai plants, or wan, important components of Luang Phor Tim's Pong Prai Guamn powder.

In fact on every occasion that Luang Phor Tim created a batch of this powder he would request that his disciples travel to Wat Sam Nak Kham to obtain the necessary sacred plants from Luang Phor Tiang.

Indeed it is also recorded that on one occasion he was asked why it was necessary ton travel such a distance when these plants could be sourced from Rayong province, to which he replied that those plants from Luang Phor Tiang were full of sacred power

Luang Phor  Tiang

            Luang Poo Tiang was born as “Boontiang Pooyim” in B.E.2434 during the reign of King Rama V in Banbung District, Chonburi Province.

As a teenager he was educated at Wat Namatoom by Luang Por Doe, who had also later initiated him as a novice monk.

Luang Phor Doe was well known for his specialist knowledge of Thai plants and associated ancient sciences, which he in turn taught to his apprentice.

Luang Phor Doe was a diligent master and instructed Luang Phor Tiang to lay out all plants collected during the day in direct sunlight between the hours of 3.00 - 5.00 pm and at no other time as sunlight during the noon period was too strong and early evening time exposed the plants to the possibility of fungal damage.

Attention to such detail ensured that Luang Phor Tiang received a unique and highly specialized knowledge that would have otherwise been lost.

It was during this period that Luang Phor Tim took up residence at the temple for a period of three years. It should be obvious now why such a friendship developed and why there was such a strong connection between the two temples.


It also explains why it should be of little surprise to learn of the existence of this kru at Wat San Nak Kham.

Luang Phor Tiang was in fact several years younger than Luang Phor Tim and the friendship that developed between the two would last a life time.

On his return to Wat Lahanrai it is apparent why Luang Phor Tim should give immediate thought to his friend when creating his first amulets and his famous Pong Prai Guman powder and the very reason his disciples would make this trip regularly.

Kru - Wat Sumnukkham

Although Luang Poo Tiang was asked to take up position  as new abbot of Wat Nong Yang,  a temple constructed by Luang Por Doe, he had declined.

In preference he left Wat Namatoom to build a new temple which today is known as Wat Sam Nak Kham and located only a few kilometers from Wat Nong Yang.

It is recorded in temple records that Luang Phor Tim had on one occasion sent a batch of Luk Om amulets to Luang Phor Tiang which were then secreted away in a kru under the temples main Buddha image.

There is absolutely no question about the authenticity of these Luk Om amulets and the very reason that it was announced by the appropriate government department. It is also the very reason why there a an instant demand for these pims that far exceeded the availability.

We are fortunate to have acquired two of these Luk Om amulets from the exceptionally limited batch, and are presented in the original temple boxes as issued by Wat Sam Nak Kham.


These Luk Om are absolutely identical to the original Luk Om blessed at Wat lahanrai  other than the initial price difference was significant.

However that price differential is narrowing very rapidly and it will not be long before there is no difference. As I had mentioned previously these Luk Om are some of the very best blessed by Luang Phor Tim. Not only that they are preserved in a wonderful pristine state