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Article Date : 03 July 2012
Article Author : Chris Jones

Luang Phor Dee - Wat Praroop. Suphanburi

Luang Phor Dee Jatomloh, or Pra Kru Sunton Suwangit, Wat Praroop  was respected as one of the most merciful monks of his era, showing great compassion to all that would visit his temple, whether they were rich or poor.

He was born on the 7th August 2454, and ordained a monk at the age of 23 at Wat Sainawat, Suphanburi

Luang Phor Dee was noted for the many amulets that he created, the proceeds of which were used towards the re-construction and renovation of the temple.

Luang Phor Dee had collected many old amulets and in particular Pra Pong Supan and Pra Somdej of Wat Rakhang. He also collected other old amulets form many of the temples in Supnaburi province such as Wat Praroop, Wat Mahatart during the period BE 2400-BE 2508 and BE 2508 – BE 2513. He used these amulets to create the powder with which formed the basis of his own amulets.

Luang Por Dee always pressed these sacred materials ground from the sacred materials that he would collect into the moulds by himself. He was only able to make a limited number on a daily basis, many of which now are quite valuable.

It was recorded that on many occasions he would be joined by other famous monks such as Luang Phor Toh and Luang Por Mui when blessing his amulets.

He was was famous for many kinds of his sacred amulets such as Pra Pitda , Pra Pong Suphan and Pra Khun Paen. Many consider that his Pra Pong Suphan BE 2514 amulet is the pim of choice when creating a period Benjapakee set.

He died peacefully at the age of 96 on the 18th fenruary BE 2551