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Article Date : 13 April 2012
Article Author : Chris Jones

Luang Phor Aun

The Reverend Father Aun, was a highly respected Guru monk, who entered the priesthood in 1955. He learnt magic from the reverend Father Put ( Praraja Uthaigawi), the senior abbot of the Buddhist Association in Uthaithani, who was in turn was the direct disciple of the Reverend Father Suk.

Luang Phor Aun is a known as a senior monk practising great virtue, disseminating high-levelled incantation "Pirungumbung" (a magic incantation offering protection from danger) and "Teprunchuan" (the magic incantation used for mercy and favour) All incantations practiced by the late Reverend Father Suk, Praalong Makhamtao Temple.

He is particularly well known by poor villagers for whom he set up a charity kitchen. He wakes at 3am in the morning to practice meditation, and then cooks for the poor in Uthaithani province. He has maintained this activity since 1975. The villagers have named him "Ji Kong of Sakaekrang River"

He learnt magic and sacred incantations in tjhe exact same way as reverend Father Suk of Pakklong Makhamato temple, Reverend Father Put (Praraja Uthaigawi), the old abbot of Uthaithani Buddhist Association of Uthaithani Province and learnt some incantations from Kruba Sriwichai a famous monk from Chiang Mai who he joined on pilgrimage for many years, the Reverend Father Derm of Nong Poe Temple, a famous monk of Chanta Temple in Chainat Province, the Reverend Father Ploy, 130 years old, who was apt in making sacred amulets from many kinds of mineral such as amuletic rolled brass, the Reverend Father Ken of Dongsethi Temple in Uthaithani, who was famous in incantations for mercy and favor, emperor magic, and complete praise of the Buddha. In addition, he had been a disciple of the Reverend Father Klueab of Nongkradi Temple whose the way of practice was too hard for ordinary people to understand. Also, he had learnt with the Reverend Father Poon of Nongta-ngu in Uthaithani Province who was very famous in using mind power and herbs to cure diseases.

He was a fellow of the Reverend Father Ti, the old abbot of the royal temple and the creator of amuletic tigers used for protecting bullets. His amulets have become popular all over the country.

So well known is this monk that he was even adopted by the Prime Minister of Thailand as his son.