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Love Amulets (Phra Maha Sanay) - Which are the most powerful and how do they work?



I am often asked what are the most powerful love amulets. There are many thousands of amulets which have been created specifically to increase and enhance charisma, personal magnetism, self-confidence and sexual appeal., but very few are considered great or sufficiently proven to be any more effective than one another.

Often you will find that contemporary love amulets appear particularly attractive with equally appealing backgrounds, but don't be fooled, beauty does not equate to power. Some of the most effective love amulets appear surprisingly mundane in appearance.

This article will illustrate what are generally thought to be some of the most powerful love talismans and charms ever created,  many of which it would appear have never been detailed by another English language website, something which I wish to address in this article. These are amulets that have genuinely distinguished themselves over a period of time and have earned their reputation, so it gives me great pleasure to introduce them to you, possibly for the first time.

It is unfortunate that in general these amulets are only associated with those that are looking to attract the attention of members of the opposite sex, but it is important not to overlook the inherent characteristics which make this variant of amulet extremely effective for those  involved in public relations, sales or indeed any business affairs where a positive response from those we interact with is desired. As such the generic term ''Love Amulet'' is somewhat misleading when these amulets should appeal to a much larger audience.

The Thai word for this type pf amulet is ''Phra Maha Sanay'', which literally means charm amulets and thus encompasses all of the above

Love amulets can effect a natural harmony by increasing ambient positive spiritual energy, discharging the negative energy of anger and conflict etc. It is important to recognise that the universe is a fluid, ever-changing energy pattern, not a collection of fixed and separate things.  What affects one thing affects, in some way, all things, like ripples on the etheral plane.

Do they work?

The second question most often asked is ''do these amulets work?'',  in short the answer to this is YES they do.  The authenticity of love amulets is not surprisingly questioned in the contemporary age and claims of  paranormal powers  are naturally met with varying degrees of acceptance or scepticism.

But the fact of the matter is that much of the power of an amulet is based on scientific fact not on the supernatural and requires little more than faith. 

Indeed it is often suggested that love amulets have no direct effect on the target, instead they affect the user, increasing confidence and attentiveness which in turn makes romance more possible, but whatever you believe it is a  fact that these amulets do work, the extent to which depends on your own personal beliefs.

In its simplest form the amulet itself  becomes a constant reminder to the subconscious as to what we might want to accomplish in love or life, strengthening our power of positive thought, image projection and visualisation. When you wear a ''love amulet'' the psychology behind this concept can quickly be understood and appreciated by almost everyone,

irrespective of the amulet, temple, monk or indeed your religion. This power of thought can create the necessary conditions for the subject becoming enamored, hence the term ''Love Amulet''


In essence this is the common denominator by which love amulets, and in fact all amulets, derive their power.

What distinguishes one love amulet from another?


  The positive thought or faith that is placed in an amulet by those who possess them is very powerful indeed, despite the fact that many are effectively just symbolic in nature invoking certain thoughts and ideas.

But this is not the only process at work and explains why one amulet is considered more efficacious than another. 

The ultimate power of an amulet is also derived in part from a combination of the natural energy of the amulet itself and the spiritual energy imparted to it during the consecration. These are probably the most difficult concepts to either comprehend or substantiate.

Khun Paen a powerful symbolic image



Spiritual Power

  Through the discipline of meditation, many of the great Thai monks have mastered the the ability to move, transform or intensify energy and this is the basis upon which many believe power is imparted to the amulet and what makes one amulet more powerful than another.  This concept is not thought to be in anyway supernatural by many Thais, but considered  'wicha' or magic,  a fundamental natural law of nature.

To find the the most potent love amulets you have to look to the past. In years gone by the great monks lived closer to the natural world with a more immediate sense of the larger forces shaping life and destiny.

The meditative power required to impart energy into an amulet involves a physical, intellectual, and ethical separation from the phenomenal world, something that today is much harder to achieve.

Modern day magic has been disconnected from the cycles and rhythms of nature, in fact most would agree, commercialized to the extent that there are even concerted efforts to spread superstition among the gullible for commercial ends.

It is one reason why most of the amulets considered to be the best have been blessed by either the older generation or monks who have since passed away.

Natural Power

The component constituents that make up a love amulet play a vital role in providing a conduit for energy and determining its inherent natural magical powers, essentially defining its power. Exactly how these work is not known for sure other than its based on arcane magic.

Much of the magic of the natural world is not seen with the eye, but is experienced intuitively as everything possesses its own a unique energetic signature or molecular vibration.   This natural magic is derived from the relationship  between the world of spirits and nature, where spirits exist not only in humans but also animals, plants and rocks.

The monk consecrating the love amulet controls these forces through meditation, incantation and telepathy which in a cosmos where everything, including the stars, planets, humans, animals, plants, rocks and the dead are connected together via strands of energy,  brings into motion basic energies that have consequences beyond our own existence and thereby determining the power of the amulet.

The monk uses a variety of substances to achieve this such as  herbs, flowers, woods, crystals, certain metals, sacred powders, aromatic oils etc. Many of these components are in the modern age bereft of all meaning like many other desecrated values, underlining a useful but sadly forgotten knowledge.

This is somewhat of a difficult concept to explain or indeed understand and exactly how a love amulet works is very complex subject, but what we do know is that science has already established that everything in this universe is made entirely of energy which is  in a state of constant  flux and change, but beyond that we must rely on our own faith and belief, which ultimately is more important than trying to explain the physics of our existence and the cosmos.

Historical Perspective

From a historical perspective the Tibetans are known to have practiced magic and occultism since ancient times, and they might have been among the earliest Buddhists to have created sacred objects and amulets intended for protection and blessing. Early Thai literature abounds with references to the use of magic and charms, testifying to the fact that such practice had been known in the country for a long time.

The Greatest Love Amulets (Phra Maha Sanay)  - Index


I will try and illustrate as many different categories (styles) of love amulet as possible  and thereby provide a broad perspective. At the same time I will keep within the limitations of those amulets that are genuinely considered great.

This article will be updated on a weekly basis but I will start with two very famous monks that  have created some of the greatest love amulets, namely; Luang Phor Choo and Luang Phor Taap.


The majority of amulets featured in these articles are from my own collection and as such are generally available for sale.



1. Phra Khun Paen Luang Phor Choo  
2. Phra Somdej Luang Phor Taap  
3. Phra Salika Luang Phor Chuen  
4. Phra Khun Paen Luang Phor Chuen  
5. Phra Jingjok Luang Phor Nai  
6. My Personal Amulet Kruba Kritsana  
7. Phra Salika Luang Phor Kayn  


  Luang Poo Chuen, or officially called Luang Poo Chuen Tityano, was the former abbot of Wat Ta-ie, Burirum Province.

He is probably one of the most famous monks in recent memory to have created a number of highly efficacious love and charm amulets that can truly be considered amongst the best.

An interesting monk who kept a very low profile for years. It was little known that he had mastered many arcane occult sciences and possessed deep mental power.

This was all revealed at a relatively late time in his life and its only recently that this extraordinary monk has been acknowledged as one of the great gurus of our era.

He unfortunately passed away in BE 2547 but his legacy lives on and many are still being helped through his sacred amulets.

Luang Phor Chuen was yet another monk who extensively studied the ancient Khmer sacred sciences. In particular he is known to have spent considerable time at Khao Kulen, the mysterious mountain in Cambodia, where many other sacred monks are known to have originated. 


What we do know is that he was born in BE 2461 as Chuen Srisode, in Swaisrisopon Province, Cambodia as one of seven children.

Aged 15 years he entered monastic life as novice in a Cambodian temple and was ordained a monk aged 20 when he was renamed Chuen Titayano.

We know that he often went on pilgrimage into deep forests where he learnt from ascetics and other senior monks.

It is also known that he spent a considerable period of time at  Khao Kulen, the location of a Khmer monastic school where he was initiated into powerful Brahmin magic, a place where many senior monks and ascetics would gather to learn and practice arcane occultism. (witayakom)

Khao Kulen located in Siem Reap province and is thought  very scared.  During Angkorian era it was known as Mahendrapavata (the mountain of Great Indra) and was the place where Jayaverman II had himself declared chakravrtin (King of Kings), an act which is considered the foundation of the Khmer empire. Even today Kulen is home to  holy men who continue to study and hermits/ascetics that live in ancient pagodas.

It was here that he met two senior monks who were to shape his destiny, namely; Luang Poo Ey and Luang Poo Dee  both were an  important influence on the young monk who learnt all that he could be taught including the science to create sacred amulets.





Phgra Salika Koo (Kamakan) Maha Sanay Maha Ruey (Pim Niyom)

Luang Phor Chuen in eventually accompanied Luang Poo Dee to Korat Thailand, where he remained at Wat Narak for several years.

In B.E.2424 he was invited to join a sacred ceremony in Buriram where he was invited by  Luang Poo Nin, then abbot of Wat Ta-ie, to help develop the temple.

Shortly after arriving at the temple Luang Phor Chuen put his extensive knowledge to good use, creating sacred amulets to raise funds to help renovate the temple.

It wasn't long after that his fame within the province spread, many worshippers having experienced the miraculous power of his amulets. The more amulets he created the greater the demand and fame

Luang Poo Chuen passed away in B.E.2547 but people still respect him and his sacred amulets, his virtue and power thought immortal.

Luang Phor Chuen created many sacred love amulets, many of which could easily be incorporated into the category of the best. I have chosen a few to illustrate. In fact his amulets have become increasingly popular since his death and prices have risen substantially and so has their scarcity, his Salika pim being a prime example.

Pim Salika

The Salika amulet, blessed in BE 2544, was the pim that initially brought Luang Phor Chuen notoriety.

Today many worshippers still claim that this is the greatest love amulet ever created, and that the soul of Luang Phor Chuen accompanies them whenever they wear this amulet, the spiritual connection guiding their life.

Salika is actually a Pali word meaning a mynah bird which often features in Thai folk tales as a sweet talker  Hence the common expression " he is a ''salika lin thong'' ie a golden-tongued salika, the divine charming bird.

I say divine because many Thais believe that the Salika originated from heaven and is considered holy, possessing magical powers of charm. It is these powers of that are thought to be captured and transmitted through the amulet giving the worshipper greater confidence and self-esteem, to naturally create rhythm and harmony with others. Literature abounds with reports of extraordinary experiences as a result of wearing this amulet.



Phra Salika Koo Maha Sanay Maha Ruey, with two takruts and gems to both front and rear.

These amulets are made from a number of sacred powders which were prepared in strict accordance with ancient Khmer magic.

-Salika Hakoo sacred powder
-Salika Longlung sacred powder
-Salika Phaya Garawek sacred powder
-Huajai Yoongtong sacred powder
-Huajai Tepjumlang sacred powder
-Salika Phayatekrua sacred powder
-Salika Ponyer sacred powder
-Nang-oktak sacred powder




Phra Salika Koo Maha Sanay Maha Ruey Takrut 5 Dork (PIM KAMAKHAN)

Worshippers firmly attest to the inherent sacred power of this amulet to dramatically enhance power of captivation and persuasion, ultimately resulting in better social and business relationships. Perfect for salespeople or those looking to increase personal magnetism, or charisma, when in the presence of the opposite sex

Luang Phor Chuen supplied a special katha , that in itself is full of inherent power, that when recited, will engage energy into motion or a manifestation on the physical plane.

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Mettum Buddhsay
Sineha Ruttung
Saliga Lapo
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