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Article Date : 14 April 2012
Article Author : Chris Jones

Pha Yant - Kruba Wang
Kruba Wang Promsayno, Abbot of Wat Banden, Tak Province, is acclaimed and respected for this highly specialized and truly unique Love/Charm cloth known as Pa Yant Mah Sep Nang, the sacred-charm cloth amulets.
Indeed it is widely accepted that his yant was the prototype for all opthers that have followed since. He created these from the year BE 2509 onwards.
This Pa Yant is respected for many attributes but particularly for increasing sex appeal and converting enemies into friends.
There have been many designs incorporated into this Pha yant over the years, including amongst others, a male angel closely by two female angels, A tiger giving milk to a cow and a cat giving milk to a rat.
Clearly the last two images are associated with an enemy that can become a friend.
Sone of the most common themes include a stallion straddled beneath by a young maiden and that of an Ox inseminating a young female. Both obviously synonymous with the power of Sex appeal, very powerful and highly potent symobls of sexual prowess amd masculinity,,,(but not meant to be taken literally)
The majority of Pha Yant are also filled with sacred spells hand written to increase the power of the cloth amulet.
All these Pha yant were created in strict accordance with ancient sciences and as such these were not created from ordinary cloth. In fact they were made from the shrouds typically used to cover the deceased prior to cremation.
According to the Thai belief, the spirit of those that die may possibly depart the cadaver and possess those that may attempt to remove the cloth
The sacred monk employed many very powerful spells to control these spirits ensuring that the departed soul would become a positive force for the good of helping worshippers of the sacred cloth yants,
or protected by the ghosts, not harmed.
Apart from that the shrouds other materials were used to create these amulets such as the cloth used to bind the wrists of the dead known as “Pa Mut Tarsung”.
(Note: Mut Tarsung is actually a Thai sacred ceremony to control the souls of the dead prior to the funeral and cremation, There is very strong belief that’s once deceased the soul remains in close proximity to the body,
Sacred Katha
Ohm Nang Kuwk Nang Gwang Kwang
Gwang Ao Sao Mar Ner Nang Ner
Mar Raew Mar Ruk Gun Roi Mern Ter
San Wun Gor Hai Mar Har Koo Ner Nang
Hark Yoo Fark Far Gor Hai Mar Har Koo Ner Nang Ner Nang
Hark Yoo Lai Mair Num Kun San Wung Gor Hai Lan Mar Har Koo Ner Nang Ner Nang
Today relatively few monks create this type of charm amulet because the arcane knowledge is slowly dying as each generation passes.
These Pa Yant are believed by many even today to possess miraculous power and rate amongst the most powerful of all love charms