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Article Date : 30 March 2012
Article Author : Chris Jones

Boa Skin Takrut - Luang Phor In

Luang Phor In Kemthevo created a special series of sacred amulets called “Boa-skin Takrut made from genuine snake skin.

This series of amulets are believed to increase the worshippers charm and at the same time help to become successful in business.

Luang Poo In Kemthevo wrote his sacred spell onto the boa’ skins by himself and also recited the “Na Ma Pa Ta” and “Ma A U Namo Buddhist Ya” sacred spells seven times to increase the efficacy.

It was believed that boas have black magic power that could induce their prey to be easily caught   

Each Takrut Nung Ngulerm amulet is made of a piece of copper plate and a piece of silver plate, both of them are engraved with sacred spells respected for the power that could bring good fortune into the worshippers’ lives and also could help increase worshippers’ charm and attractiveness.

Both of the two metal plates are bound together with boas’ skins, which were etched with sacred spell. Therefore all worshippers of Takrut Nung Ngulerm amulets would be successful in businesses and much more attractive to their lovers.

He also issued a special katha to activate these takruts:



Satigo Papapinung Rana Piyung Mama


Purisanung Piyung Mama


Itti Nung Piyung Mama


Punti Tanung Pi Yung Mama


Sitti Sento Siri Mo Hi