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Article Date : 13 October 2012
Article Author : Chris Jones

Dta Hon Om, the dedicated layman

Generally sacred amulets were made by senior monks, but the amulets commonly associated with this temple were created by an ordinary man who was deeply devoted. The man known as Dta Hon Om. It is known that he had great faith in the dharma of Lord Buddha that he devoted his last years of life to creating 84,000 amulets in respect and to gain merit

It was said that Dta Hon Om lived in a small dwelling close to Klong Bahn Pho , in the proximity of Wat Pho Bangpa-in, where he sold betel vine. After he finished his daily work, he would create the amulets one by one to the surprise of the people who would even call him mad.

He continued diligently despite the mockery of many, often visiting the temple to deposit his creations into an ancient unused chedi. All his amulets were hand pressed.

It is thought that he completed his task during a ten year period from BE 2450 - BE 249X, when it is thought that he passed away. It is known that he created many pims including, Phra Somdej, Phra Pitda and Phra Put Tu Ong Song Mayn (porcupine) which interestingly resembled amulets created by Luang Phor Parn from Wat Bang Nom Kho, presumably copied, others have even gone as far as to say they were blessed by LP Parn.

Many years after children found his amulets in a cavity that had formed in the ground at the base of the chedi. As a result the chedi was re-opened. Originally it was thought that these amulets were created by Somdej Toh himself due to the many similarities.

In B.E.2509, the amulets were sold by the temple. There are many accounts of the efficacy of these pims and other miraculous occurrences associated with them and in particular Kong Krapan (invulnerability) The amulets grew in fame and popularity quite quickly.

You may ask why a pim made by a layman is considered so valuable, the answer is quite simple really. The amulets are well over 100 years old, created with love by a man that was truly dedicated, he in essence represented everything that is good about Buddhism. Indeed they are considered a genuine heritage of the temple and the true Buddhist.


Example of the Pitda amulet

Wat Pho Bangpha-in was built during the end of the Ayutthaya Kingdom, or around B.E.2300 and was renovated in B.E.2491-B.E.2494. It is located in Bang Pha-in district, Ayutthaya province.