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Article Date : 21 July 2012
Article Author : Chris Jones
Pra Pitda LP Tim  - Dream Maker Variants

This amulet was created in a number of different variants, and a recent question from a client regarding slight differences in the yant to the revserse of these pims prompted me to write this short article to further explain some of those variations which are not shown in any of the major LP Tim publications.

Essentially there are three main variants.
A. Pim Lek
B. Pim Yai
C. Pim Taptim

Pim Lek
This pim is similar to pim Yai execpt slightly smaller. the main difference is that this pim features a shortened yant to the reverse known as Yant Na

Pim Yai

This pim was created with two versions of yant, known as Yant Jom and Yant Hok Dtua. Yant Hok Dtua is considered slightly rarer. There is also a bailan variant as illustrated below.

Yant Jom   Yant 6


Yant Jom which is the standard yant, is pronounced. Putang, Putho, Ya , A

Pim Taptim

This is the rarest of all the variants and some of the sub-variants are ultra rare with only a handful having been blessed. A good example being Pim Taptim Yai Psiet, which not only features large semi precious stones but also met Chinabanchorn. It is thought that possiblybonly 6 were belssed.

Obvioulosy the most sought after being the most attractive. Thios pim is divided into 5 sub-categories.

A. Pim Taptim Yai Piset
B. Pim Taptim Yai (lek)
C. Pim Taptim Tamada (Standard Pim)
D. Pim Taptin Lang Yant Dtao
E. Pim Taptim Pim Lek

Pim Taptim Lang Yant Dtao features yet another Yant altogether.


Standrad Pitda Taptim pim with Yant Jom