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Article Date : 07 January 2011
Article Author : Chris Jones

Phra Pong Luang Phor Ngern

In this article we introduce some relatively little known amulets blessed by Luang Phor Ngern. A great monk famous for his Reup Lor amulets, but he also sanctified a number of other amulets made from sacred powders and neua din. These amulets have only recently been recovered from sacred kru at Wat Bangklan and Wat Huay Khen in BE 2515 and BE 2525 respectively, and as such are still affordable.

Kru Wat Bangklan, Pichit BE 2515

Although Luang Phor Ngern is better known for his very expensive Reup Lor pims he did in fact bless a number of other amulets which he placed in a sacred Kru at Wat Bangklan, including Phra Somdej , Phra Nangphya Pim Tao-Wan, Pim Pitda etc.

In BE 2514 the Abbot of the temple, Luang Phor Bpreuang officially opened one of the secret cells to recover a number of these amulets and have since been known as LP Ngern (Phra Kru) BE 2515 amulets, which is somewhat confusing for those that are not aware of the facts.

The quantity of each type of pim discovered varies considerably and as such also the value. For example Phra Jao Ha Pra Ong 10 boxes, Phra Sondej 5 boxes, Pim Somkor 200 amulets, Khun Paen 100-200 amulets. Below is one of the rarer pims, Pim Pitda.


Below is an example of one of the two Somdej variants discovered and is kown as, Pim Kaang U Niyom, Neua Din.

Another Somdej Variant, Pim Kanaen, a small format pim.


Somdej Pim Kanaen

One of the most popular pims from this discovery, due to a relatively low cost is Pim Pra Jao Ha Pra Ong.


Kru Wat Huay Khen, Pichet BE 2525

About 20 years ago other amulets discovered at another temple in Pichit province, Wat Hueyken, were formerly confirmed, after extensive research, as having been blessed by Luang Phor Ngern.


Originally these amulets which were recovered from a secret kru were not officially recognised by the industry.  The Kru was officially opened in BE 2525 due to continuous illegal digging and theft even with 24 hour security. 


Thai Rath Newspaper BE 2525. Opening of Kru

Old temple records at Wat Bangklaan finally substantiated the verbal evidence of the many villagers who claimed to have known the provenance from accounts passed down from older generations.

The temple records were in fact quite complete and detailed the amulet type and numbers that were created for Wat Hueyken which interestingly was still under construction until its completion in BE 2460. As such these amulets can safely be dated to about BE 2457. The abbot of the temple was also a student of Luang Phor Ngern.


Pholan Magazine No 267 with press release on confirmed authenticity

One of the most popular pims is the small Pra Pitda amulet. Despite the fact it was created in very limited numbers, it is still surprisingly affordable, and according to Puttakom is equally as efficacious as any million Baht LP Ngern pim. Affectionally this pim is referred to as Ong Lek Prik Kee Noo (after the powerful little red chilli)

The current Abbot of the temple LP Piset is happy to answer any enquiries you have about these amulets (08-7845 8980)






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