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Article Date : 06 February 2012
Article Author : Chris Jones

Bia Gae Luang Phor Jurah – A Practical Guide


      Bia Gae are made from a conch shell and tied gold embroidered thread. Inside is liquid mercury and a takrut to protect the worshipper from evil and other inauspicious threats.

Bia Gae amulets from this temple are famed throughout Thailand, and are known to be effective for protection and in particular from evil influences and malevolant spirits.

It is not uncommon for persons on their death bed to request such an amulet as protection from spirits that will endlessly disturb and torture the dying. It is said by some that such amulets will also help to set the soul free and give protection beyond the grave, ensuring a smooth passage into the next life.

Luang Phor Jur-ah of Wat Klang-Bang Gaew, Nakhon Pathom is a well known guru monk and a former disciple of Luang Phor Purm, who himself was a student of Luang Phor Boon the senior monk who specialized in ancient magic sciences and in particular the creation of the Bia Gae amulets.


It is widely known that Luang Phor Boon studied the art from both Luang Phor Khak and Luang Phor Rod. It is for this reason that Luang Phor Jurah is recognized as one of today's most experienced and knowledgeable masters in the creation of efficacious Bia Gae amulets. Luang Phor Jurah is now 82 years old.

Four ways to hang Bia Gae amulets

Worshippers should hang Bia Gae amulets properly to optimize their sacred power:

Hang on the front of your breast when you need to encounter or face your enemies or protection from evil
Hang on the back of your breast when you want to flee from your enemies or other bad situations
Hang on the right side of your breast when you need to increase your charm.
Hang on the left side of your breast when you need to protect yourself from others’ weapons.

Sacred spell to worship Wat Klang Bang Gaew ’s Bia Gae amulets

Note: Worshippers must prepare a candle, three incense sticks and flowers to worship the amulets:

Asungvisulo Pusapupa
Buddha Sungmi Isawasu
Samuha Neya Samuha Nati
Sahuhakato Simakatung
Puntasema Yung Samuha Nituppo
A Wung A Hi Na klern Mo Torn
A Wung A Hi Na klern Mo Torn
Bud Klon Dha Klern
Ya Lern Ludloi Sawaha
Sa Sa Vi Pi Pa Sa U (This line must be repeated 3 times)
Pookkord Chyparkunpuen
Botsakkuttawa Duay Kor Di
Anitussana Apati
Lunkai Mi-ork
Anitussana Apatika
Look Mi-ork Lumklong
Anitussana Apatikaya
Na Metta Ja Maharacha
A Metta Ja Mahasena
U Metta Ja Maha Chana
Sapasineha Japachita
Sa Suppasayung Ja Maha Lapung
Racha Kotung Winassunti
Chana Kotung Winassunt
Suppa Kotung Winassunti

Sacred spell to activate Luang Phor Jurah's Bia Gae amulets

Main Katha

Namo Tussa Pakavato Arahato Samma Sam Buddhasa(3 times)


Protection from Evil

Itipiso Pakava Yatra Yamdee
Dai Yam Prasri Sawasdee Lapo
Namo Buddhaya
Asang Visulo Pu Sa Pu Pa

Buddha Sang Mi I Sa Va Sup 

Protection from weapons

Bot Sakkattawa Duay Kor Dee
Pook Kod Chaipakunpuen
A Nitussana Apati
A Nitussana Apati Ka
Look Mi Ok Lum Klong
A Nitussana Apati Ka Ya
Lum Klong Tak