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Article Date : 14 October 2012
Article Author : Chris Jones

The temple was built during the end of the Ayutthaya Kingdom, or around B.E.2300 and was renovated in B.E.2491-B.E.2494. On June 24, B.E.2509, HM the King and Queen had presided over the sacred ceremony to install the temple Chorfa and to pour gold into moulds to create images of Somdej Pra Buddhacharn Toh Promrungsi and Luang Phor Kong, which were then situated on the north and south of the temple respectively , where they still remain.

Generally sacred amulets were made by senior monks, but the amulets commonly associated with this temple were created by an ordinary man who was deeply devoted. The man known as Dta Nom. It is known that he had great faith in the dharma of Lord Buddha that he devoted his last years of life to creating 84,000 amulets by hand in respect