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Article Date : 18 April 2012
Article Author : Chris Jones

Ajahn Chum Chaikiri

(Written and researched by Chris Jones - Copyright Owner)

Ajahn Chum Chaikiri was one of the best-known white-robed Ajahns of our time. A student of Samnak Or, Pattalung, a monastic and magical sciences institution recognized as Thailand’s most famous school of school of wiccha, magical arts (saiyasat), Wicha Aakom (incantation).

From an early age he showed an interest in wicha saiyasat, It is known for example that even at the age of 5 he began to recite his first kathas for protection against poisoinous snakes and animal bites. By the age of 7 he had become very proficient in magic taught by local villagers known as Wicha Aakom Jon, (poor magic or laymans magic)


          Ajahn Chum recited kathas almost continuously and at the age of 11 it was recorded that his incantations were sufficiently powerful enough to have caused a firearm to explode unexpectedly.

As a young man he was ordained at Chaimongkhon Temple and accompaniesd by LP Kong and Ajahn Pan. He studied Buddhist scripture until such time that he was sufficiently knowledgeable enough to join Samnak Or monastic school in Pattalung.

Under the recommendation of Ajahn Khun Pan, he also studied sacred sciences from Ajahn Iat, Wat Donsala and Luang Phor Kong of Wat Ban Suan who he was to get to know very well, each having much respect for one another.

It was also during this time that he compiled his famous book, a reference to the sacred sciences of Wat Khao Or.

At the age
of 35 he left monastic life to start a family but remained in contact with his friend Luang Phor Kong, Wat Ban Suan, He possessed a strong desire to seek a deep and profound understanding of Wicha Wayt Mon Katha and to use that knowledge for the good of all and in particular to defeat and overcome evil influences which at that time were rife in Thai society.

(Picture left: Luang Phor Kong)

Today his amulets have lost none of the impotance that made hin one of the most respected figures and white robed ajahns of our time.

After years of study he never beacme detached from his roots as a common man and this is clearly reflected in many of his amulets that emphasize Kong Krapan or invulnrerability and the way in which he communicated that through demonstration, a language easily understaood by those that he became to represent.


Indeed he was to demonstrate the unique power of his amulets many times. Unbnelievably on one occassion asking various individuals to fire loaded weapons (over the head) at his students.

Ammunition would fail to discharge, a convincing exhibition of the exact nature of the inherent power.

He also specialised in Wicha Maha Niyom (kindness, Mercy and Compassion.) Again he effectively demonstrated the power of his sacred oils by releasing baby rats into the same pen as a nursing cat.

The rats woud suckle upon a totally indifferent cat who willingly gave milk.


Ajahn Chum passed away in Bangkok in BE 2525 but is affectionally remembered to this very day through his amulets and contribution he made to improve the lives of the many people who he championed.  

(Picture right: Cat and mice)  




Samnak Or

It was recorded that around 1,000 years ago many sacred ascetics had joined together at the Chattun Cave (located within the grounds of Wat Kao Or) to develop many sacred sciences.

One day, an ascetic named “Borom Kru Lugi” forecasted that in the future, Buddhism would become far more prosperous than Hinduism (in the Kingdom of Siam.)

He invited a Buddhist monk named “Phra Acharya Tong Huyan” to the cave and had taught all his knowledge to the monk because he knew that Buddhist monks would be the ones who would continue to preserve this magic for generations to come.

Phra Acharya Tong Huyan is highly respected as the supreme teacher of the sacred sciences. From generation to generation, the magic sciences were inherited, The temple itself was originally founded by Luang Phor Tan Tongtao, who passed away in BE 2470

Sacred Amulets

Ajahn Chum has been associated with a number of very famous amulet batches and this article attempts to detail some of the more important.

  BE 2497            Pitee Pu Ta Taa Pi Sayk                      Wat Baromathat, Nakhon Sri Thammarat                                                       
  BE 2506  Pitee SadetKlap Wat Koh Sireh, Phuket  
  BE 2513  Piti SadetKlap (under construction)    
  BE 2520  Piti Yai (under construction) Wat kăo-naang-buuat