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Article Date : 14 January 2012
Article Author : Chris Jones


The two most sought after Luang Phor Daeng first generation Somdej amulets are Pim Ganmali and Pim Disco, both are very expensive but in my opinion rate as possibly some of the most beautiful amulets ever created.

These pims are the TRUE first generation LP Daeng Somdejs, not the more common ''BE 2513 first generation'' pims. 

These amulets were essentially the precursors or test moulds for the BE 2513 series and a limited quantity were released in BE 2509. They are often grouped into the official BE 2513 batch and its typically these amulets that you will see in most LP Daeng books.


1st Generation LP Daeng Somdej made from rae and known as Pim Disco.
This is by far the most expensive of all his 1st gen somdej pims.

Pim Ganmali, slightly more common but equally as desirable. Ganmali literally means the stalks from the

jasmine plant.