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Somdej Pa Ngok Radu It (2nd Gen)
Somdej Pa Ngok Radu It (2nd Gen)
Amulet Ref : BA2622
Monk : Ajahn Noo (Wat Pho)
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Pho
Year : BE 2504
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Somdej Pa Ngok Radu It (2nd Gen) Somdej Pa Ngok Radu It (2nd Gen)

A second generation (Ghost Amulet) pim, blessed in BE2504. Very easy to identify with the words Wat Dtian stamped across the reverse.


Originally created as a consequence of the B.E.2480 Indochinese war, which had claimed many lives in the Asiatic region

But the misery to follow in BE 2484 during the 2nd world war was even greater and especially within Thailand. The Japanese had invaded on the 8th December to gain access to the Britsh ruled Burma and Malaya. Allied bombers shelled Japanese positions heavily which resulted in the considerable loss of civilian life.

Pra Ajahn Noo, a sacred monk of Wat Pho Taa-Dtien, one of the most famous temples in Bangkok, wanting to help the innocent from the horrors of conflict, created a special series of sacred amulets.

These amulets were unique as they were created from the ashes of the dead.



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