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Pra Pitda Neua Pong Pa Ngok Radu It (The GHOST Amulet)
Pra Pitda Neua Pong Pa Ngok Radu It (The GHOST Amulet)
Amulet Ref : BA3687
Monk : Ajahn Noo (Wat Pho)
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Pho
Year : BE 2484
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Pra Pitda Neua Pong Pa Ngok Radu It (The GHOST Amulet) Pra Pitda Neua Pong Pa Ngok Radu It (The GHOST Amulet) Pra Pitda Neua Pong Pa Ngok Radu It (The GHOST Amulet)

A beautiful example of this highly sought after pim, supplied with attractive stainless steel case.

Note all the inclusions clearly visible. Fantastic example of this amulet

By the year B.E.2480 the Indochinese war was its height and had claimed many lives in the Asiatic region.

But the misery to follow in BE 2484 during the 2nd world war was even greater and especially within Thailand. The Japanese had invaded on the 8th December to gain access to the Britsh ruled Burma and Malaya. Allied bombers shelled Japanese positions heavily which resulted in the considerable loss of civilian lives.

Pra Ajahn Noo, a sacred monk of Wat Pho Taa-Dtien, one of the most famous temples in Bangkok, wanting to help the innocent from the horrors of conflict, created a special series of sacred amulets.

These amulets were unique as they were created from the ashes of the dead.

Many have often wondered why such a prominent royal temple would permit the creation of such amulets as clearly they are derived from the art of black magic, which generally would not have been tolerated.

The answer to this question is really simple. So serious was the threat of war to the civilian population that any help was acceptable, if it prevented further loss of life.

Moreover, Pra Ajahn Noo had also organized a sacred ceremony to apologize to all souls related to the ashes before the creation of the amulets, thus ensuring no repercussions for those that owned them.

It was also an opportunity for the departed souls and spirits to help those in need by providing guidance and protection from an astral dimension, an existence beyond physical death. In doing so build positive karma and merit before rebirth on the earth plane.  

Like most people the Thais have a certain degree of fear to interact with the spiritual realm, but in time of needs, the conduit that this amulet so effectively provided helped to save countless lives.

Even today spirit (Phi) worship is popular. A very common belief in Thailand is of the 32 spirits (khwan) which are guardians over different parts of a person’s body and mind.

Despite many attempts to eliminate the worship of phi, it has not been eradicated or displaced, withstanding synthesis, subordination, and transformation by Buddhist political and ecclesiastical powers

Guman Thong is a probably the best example of such practice a thriving belief in a modern society.

It is said that even some Japanese soldiers had commented on these amulets, calling those that wore them Ghost Soldiers, soldiers that could not be killed.

Apart from ashes Pra Ajahn Noo also added another sacred material called “Wan Pong” or “Wan Graser”.


These plants were feared by locals in rural areas as it was believed that they could suck the life-blood from the living.  Actually these plants were colloquially called “Vampire Plants” and according to ancient Thai belief these plants were inhabited by spiritual entities that could establish deep connections to the human soul aligning the individual with the great web of nature and natural law.

The very reason that these plants were chosen specifically for the creation of his amulets . Arcane magic that Ajahn Noo had learnt from mystical schools in Cambodia from where he originated.

Pra Ajahn Noo actually created these amulets in secret as he did not want the temple to become the focus of criticism. However the amulets were to prove themselves beyond reproach helping hundreds if not thousands of innocent people from the machinery and evil of conflict.

Today these amulets are some of the most highly sought after pims of that period. Not only are they highly distinctive they are also very powerful.



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