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LP Ngern BE 2515 (Krateung) Pim Meu Ding Nang Daan Na
 LP Ngern BE 2515 (Krateung) Pim Meu Ding Nang Daan Na
Amulet Ref : BA1921
Monk : Luang Phor Ngern
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Bangklan
Year : BE 2515
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 LP Ngern BE 2515 (Krateung) Pim Meu Ding Nang Daan Na  LP Ngern BE 2515 (Krateung) Pim Meu Ding Nang Daan Na  LP Ngern BE 2515 (Krateung) Pim Meu Ding Nang Daan Na


Reup Lor LP Ngern (Grateung) BE 2515 Pim Meu Ding Nang Na

Supplied with Sterling Silver Case

Reup Lor, Luang Phor Ngern, (Wat Tabua) Pim Niyom (Pben Dek/Broken Gun)  blessed  in BE 2515. GUARANTEED AUTHNTIC FOR LIFE.

LP Ngern Wat Kratheung, Pichit, BE 2515 is another from the series of what are commonly known as LP Ngern BE 2515.

I dont think is is common knowledge that the BE 2515 LP Ngern pims consist of almost 100 variants, I could be wrong but from the feedback that I have received over the years i doubt it.

In fact I would even say that the LP Ngern amulets as a whole are the least understood of all amulets and that also applies to Thai collectors as well. Not that i consider myself an expert or anything like as such, I just have taken the time to research the amulets in as much detail as i can to satisfy a personal curiosity and interest.

Because of the large number of different pims and variants collectors always struggle to make positive identification. You only need to look at pims offered for sale through the Thai clubs to appreciate just how extensive this issue is. A large percentage are simply listed as ''Origin unknown"

When I get the time I will try and detail the most important pims and dates (that i am aware of). This is a list that will contain both original pims and those created in the last 50 years or so. It may help clarify some of the complexities of the LP Ngern amulets.

Anyay back to this pim, issued in BE 2515 from Wat Kratheung, Tambon Noen Po, Amphur Sam Ngam, Pichit province, size about 1.8 x 2.5 cm and contains a small kring. Interestingly this is the ONLY pim from this temple, in comparison most other temples created multiple pims.

These pims were blessed at the same ceremony held in BE 2515 at Wat Bangklan.



Only two composition variants

Neua Tong Leuang
Neua Anpaka (very rare)

These pims were ordered at the same time as others temples from the province such as Wat Wangchik, Wat Horkrai and Wat Tainam etc and blessed at the joint grand ceremony held at Wat Bangklan in BE 2515,.

This pim is known as Meu Ding Nang Daan Na (hand that admonishes a shameless girl)

This particular pim is every bit as good as the at Bang Klan pims bessed in the same year. In fact identical in composition, blessed at the same ceremony and by the same monks.

Luang Phor Ngern created many amulets during his life , two of which made him very famous indeed, and are instantly recognizable by almost every amulet collector, namely; Roop-lor-loi-ong and Rian-lor Pim Jop.

In particular the Roop-lor-loi-ong (Pim Niyom) amulets have been accepted by most experts as one of the kingdoms most enduring and popular amulets, rating amongst the great pims from Wat Rakhang, and Wat Bangkhunprom

They are highly respected for the power to protect worshippers from danger whilst also increasing fortune, charm, and success.

2515 Amulets

Its fairly common knowledge tthat LP Ngern amulets rate amongst some of the most popular ever to have been created. As a result many series of sacred pims have been created posthumously to satisfy this immense demand.

However without doubt the most successful series comprises those amulets blessed in the year BE 2515 with the ceremony to pour gold into the moulds being held at Wat Suthat in Bangkok before being blessed again at Wat Bangklan 


Background to the BE 2515 Pims in general.

The BE 2515 pims can be very confusing often because vendors fail to provide sufficient information about the amulet. Under normal circumstances this in itself would not be an issue, but the problem is that during that same year many other temples also created LP Ngern pims that naturally are referred to as BE 2515 amulets. So its important that when you purchase a 2515 amulet that you understand from which temple it originated, because many other temples also held ceremonies at Wat Bangklan,


Dealers can and do obviously use this to their advantage. For example it would not be untruthful to say that a particular LP Ngern amulet was blessed at Wat Bang Klan in BE 2515, but a knowledgeable dealer may be less than forthcoming about the true origin of the pim.

The following six temples all created LP Ngern amulets in BE 2515 pims and although not quite as valuable as the LP Ngern Bangklan pims they are all worth collecting and are all considered equally as powerful. Prices for all of these pims increase year on year and they all represent a good investment.

Wat Bang Klan
Wat Beung Narang

Wat Tainam
Wat Wanjik
Wat Horkrai
Wat Grateung
Wat Moonlek

All these BE 2515 pims were blessed at the same ceremony at Wat Bangklan.


Sacred katha

Sitti Buddhung Kijjung Mama Pookon Lai Ma Nachaliti
Sitti Dharmung Kijjung Mama Khaokong Lai Ma Nachaliti
Sitti Sungkung Kijjung Mama Ngerntong Lai Ma Nachaliti
Prachimpli Jamaha Lapa
Lapa Lapo Lapung Pawuntu May

Luang phor Ngern - Broken Gun

It was recorded that during this ceremony a particularly auspicious event occurred and that was a lunar eclipse but it was not this phenomina alone that have made these pims so famous but the numerous accounts of the efficacy such as the account below.

“Though many years have passed, I had never forgot the day that I was almost killed and I firmly believe that the magic power of the Luang Phor Ngern’s sacred amulet saved my life.”, he said.

He revealed that one of his main duties was to collect weapons from the corpses of casualties and as such he carried a box full of weapons including grenades, guns etc.

“One day I had seized a box of grenades and other explosives from the corpse of a Vietnamese soldier. Whilst I was carrying it back to the regiment I witnessed what appeared to be a trace of fire sparking on the ground running towards me. It transpired that some of the explosive powder had dropped to the ground.”, he said excitedly.

Having realized what had happened he immediately threw the box

“Suddenly there was a massive explosion and I was left in a complete state of shock, not even knowing if I was still alive or if injured.”

However at the time it seemed to him that he had been reborn (from death) because he quickly discovered that all of his body was intact “ this was a real miracle, one I truly associate with the sacred amulet that was hanging from my neck’.

Other individuals who were sceptical of the power of his amulets tried to test the claims. In fact it was recorded that a certain individual repeatedly discharged live ammunition towards his BE 2515 amulet, and even though at close range was unable to hit the amulet, the bullets were mysteriously deflected by an unknown force. Apparently the bullets even mis-fired causing damage to both the gun and the individuals hands.

Since then this series of sacred amulets was called Bpern Dek Version as a warning to anyone else who wanted to challenge Luang Phor Ngern ’s sacred power again.

Since then this series of sacred amulets was called Bpern Dek Version as a warning to anyone else who wanted to challenge Luang Phor Ngern ’s sacred power again.

These amulets now cost well over half million baht upwards and well beyond all but the wealthiest. What’s more even the most experienced collectors can be easily fooled as the market is flooded with some very high quality fakes.

Luang Phor Ngern passed away on September 20th, B.E 2462, aged 111 years having served the Buddhist faith for 90 years.

All posthumous pims are thought to be equally sacred and this pim is no exception




  Luang Phor Ngern. Wat Bangklan is highly respected even to this day and in particular for his sacred power and amulets. Popular pims include his RoopLor Loy Ong the amulet for which he is best known but also other amulets such Pim Niyom, Pim Kidta, Pim Job Yai, Pim Job Lek, etc.

Luang Por Ngern was born in B.E.2351 during the reign of King Rama I at Bangklan Village, Pijit Province. His education began at Wat Tongpu (Wat Chanasongkram) in Bangkok where he was also ordained at the age of 20 years. He remained here to practice meditation.

During that time Somdej Pra Buddhachan Toh was still living and LP Ngern visited Wat Rakhang on many occasions to pay respect and also learn sacred sciences

Thereafter he visited Wat Kongkaram in Pijit Province where he also spent considerable time tudong.
It was during this time that he was to visit Wantago village where he planted three Bhoti tree saplings. Whilst in payer he promised to construct a temple on that spot should the saplings mature.

The rest is history, Wat Bangklan as it is was then known was built. The official name for this temple is Wat Hirunyaram. Luang Por Ngern passed away in B.E.2462, aged 111 years and having served the Buddhist faith for 90 years.




Read more about the BE 2515 Luang Phor Ngern pims  










 However without doubt the most successful series comprises those amulets blessed in the year BE 2515. In particular the Wat Bangklan batch with the ceremony to pour gold into the moulds being held at Wat Suthat in Bangkok before being blessed again at Wat Bangklan





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