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Cheauk Kat / 2 x Palad Khik / Takrut - LP Glan
Cheauk Kat / 2 x Palad Khik / Takrut - LP Glan
Amulet Ref : BA2201
Monk : Luang Phor Glan
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Mai Intrawas
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Cheauk Kat / 2 x Palad Khik / Takrut - LP Glan Cheauk Kat / 2 x Palad Khik / Takrut - LP Glan Cheauk Kat / 2 x Palad Khik / Takrut - LP Glan

Cheauk Kat, essentially is an amulet belt used to hang Palad Khik and Takrut. Nowadays these are just simple affairs made from woven string, and p[urcahsed fropm markets. In times gone by these belts were very elaborate and properly blessed. This particular belt blessed by Luang Phor Glan is a very good example of the workmanship of a previous generatioon and I can tell you highly sought after

Luang Phor Glan  is recognised as one of a select group of monks who have created the very best Palad Khik and this amuetic belt actually has two of his Palad Khik attached, eiother of which would easily cost 100.00 USD each, but not only that also a LP Glan Takrut, known as Takrut Nang. This superb belt really is being sold at a bargain 
and not only that will give you an opportunityu to wear takruts and palafd khik the way they should be.


Luang Phor Glan was born in Supanburi Province but in later life moved to Angthong where his amulets and in particular Palad Khik brought him  notoriety and fame.

As a young man he had learnt basic sacred sciences as laymen simply for the purpose of protection. Suphanburi in those times was plagued by a sizeable criminal element.

His monastic life led him to Wat Mai Intrawas, Angthong province where he was to create many protective amulets but most notably Palad Khik for which he is best known.


His Palad Khik, many featuring Hanuman, are highly distinctive making them easy to identify.

It is known that he had learnt sacred sciences from numerous other monks  inclusing Luang Poo Dum of Wat Nor Buddhanggoon,  Luang Poo Pak of Wat Bost, Luang Poo Pu of Wat Donrak, Luang, Phor Dum of Wat Bhotiplum, Phor Tan Klai, etc.

He acquired the knowledge to create Palad Khik from two very important monks, Luang Phor Ie, Wat Sataheep, who was probably the most famous of all monks to create this type of amulet, and also Luang Poo On Utamo, a sacred monk of Wat Cheesukasem, who it transpires was the most important influence on Luang Phor Glan and the inspiration behind his best Known Palad Khik.


He studied sacred sciences to the extent that he was supremely confident in his ability and would more often than not prefer to bless amulets by himself to ensure absolute purity.

Luang Ohor Glan was not noted for discussing his amulets or the power in any detail and would simply advise those that asked if they had belief they would experience miraculous benefits.

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